What does enfranchisement mean?

verb. To restore (a person’s) rights as a citizen, especially the right to vote. Also: to restore (a borough or town’s) municipal rights, especially the right of representation in Parliament.

Is re enfranchisement a word?

noun. Restored or renewed enfranchisement.

What is an example of enfranchisement?

verb. 1. Enfranchise is defined as to free from slavery or legal obligation, or to give the rights of citizenship. An example of enfranchise is to set a slave free.

How do you use enfranchise in a sentence?

Enfranchise in a Sentence 🔉

  1. One purpose of the immigration bill is to enfranchise citizenship to people who are willing to make a commitment to this country.
  2. With just a few more signatures, the corporate office will enfranchise the operational rights of one of its entities to your partnership.

What does enfranchisement mean in politics?

To enfranchise means to give full privileges of citizenship, especially the right to vote.

What is the difference between enfranchisement and suffrage?

Although we often see suffragist and suffragette used as though they mean the same thing, their historical meanings are quite different. The terms suffrage and enfranchisement mean having the right to vote. Suffragists are people who advocate for enfranchisement.

What is another word that could be used for moderation?


  • moderateness,
  • temperance,
  • temperateness.

How do you use Kindle in a sentence?

Kindle sentence example

  1. As a teacher he was able not only to impart knowledge, but to kindle enthusiasm.
  2. The stormcloud had come upon them, and in every face the fire which Pierre had watched kindle burned up brightly.
  3. Both the Kindle and Nook allow readers to share books with other users.

When did enfranchisement end?

A 1985 amendment to the Indian Act eliminated the idea of enfranchisement as used here: as well as eliminating the Act’s discriminatory section, the government gave individual bands the right to decide their own conditions for membership….Enfranchisement.

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Last Edited February 15, 2022

Is suffragette a bad word?

Some women in Britain embraced the term suffragette, a way of reclaiming it from its original derogatory use. In the United States, however, the term suffragette was seen as an offensive term and not embraced by the suffrage movement.