What does ESSM stand for?


Acronym Definition
ESSM Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile
ESSM European Society for Sexual Medicine
ESSM Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
ESSM Emergency Ship Salvage Material

What is ESSM Navy?

The Emergency Ship Salvage Material (ESSM System is a managed network of emergency response equipment stockpiles pre-positioned to support and augment US Navy Fleet capability in the areas of Salvage, Diving, Pollution Response, and Underwater Ship Husbandry (UWSH).

How does ESSM work?

ESSM has 10-inch diameter control and rocket motor sections that tapper to an 8-inch diameter guidance section and utilizes a radome-protected antenna for semi-active homing. The high-thrust, solid-propellant rocket motor provides high maneuverability with tail control and incorporates a Thrust Vector Controller (TVC).

What is the range of ESSM?

around 50 km.
ESSM is an atmospheric, surface-to-air interceptor missile. It is 3.64 m in length and 0.254 m in diameter, with a range of around 50 km. Using solid fuel, ESSM travels at Mach 4, relying on inertial and semi-active radar for guidance.

How much does a Sea Sparrow cost?

RIM-7 Sea Sparrow
Unit cost $165,400
Mass 510 lb (230 kg)
Length 12 ft (3.7 m)

Who makes Sea Sparrow missile?

Raytheon Missile Systems
The Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) is a medium-range, surface-to-air missile developed to protect warships from advanced anti-ship cruise missiles. It was designed and manufactured by a twelve-nation industrial collaboration led by Raytheon Missile Systems (US), with BAE Systems as the lead Australian participant.

How much does a Sparrow missile weigh?

Vietnam War (1965–1973) records

Weight 143 kg (315 lb) 197 kg (435 lb)
Speed Mach 2.5 Mach 4
Range 10 km (5.4 nm) 30 km (16 nm)
Propulsion Aerojet 1.8KS7800 solid rocket Rocketdyne MK 38/MK 52 solid rocket

How fast is the Akula GTA 5?

As far as weaponized helicopters go, the Akula is the fastest one in GTA Online. It’s able to go up to 157.25 mph (253.07 km/h), which would also make it one of the fastest weaponized vehicles in the game.

Is The Sea Sparrow a Pegasus vehicle?

This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.

What is a semi active missile?

description. In rocket and missile system: Semiactive. Semiactive guidance involved illuminating or designating the target with energy emitted from a source other than the missile; a seeker in the projectile that was sensitive to the reflected energy then homed onto the target.

Is the aim 7 still used?

It remains in service, although it is being phased out in aviation applications in favor of the more advanced AIM-120 AMRAAM. The early Sparrow was intended primarily for use against larger targets, especially bombers and had numerous operational limitations in other uses.