What does Jason Mayhem Miller do now?

Miller coaches fighters in Irvine, California at Mayhem Martial Arts and has trained extensively with Kings MMA in Huntington Beach, California.

Why did Mayhem Miller get fired?

Jason Miller’s return to UFC lasted much longer than it should have, but the company finally made the right decision to get rid of him following his loss to C.B. Dolloway at UFC 146.

How old is Jason Mayhem Miller?

41 years (December 24, 1980)Jason Miller / Age

Was Mayhem Miller a good fighter?

Make no mistake, he was a deceptively good fighter (this stayed under the radar for many years). His role on MTV’s Bully Beatdown made him famous to all, but his actual skills went somewhat unnoticed. He had one of the better ground games in the middleweight division and had solid stand-up.

Where is Mayhem Miller now 2021?

Miller was arrested in the early morning hours on Sept. 10 after police responded to a call from a woman involved in the alleged altercation with the fighter. Now he’s officially been charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

Why is Jason Mayhem in jail?

In May, Miller was sentenced to 364 days in jail and two years probation for felony vandalism and attempted grand theft.

What happened backstage mayhem miller?

UFC Middleweight Jason “Mayhem” Miller was cut following his UFC 146 loss to C.B. Dollaway. At the post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White made a cryptic reference to some “bullsh**t backstage” that prompted Mayhem’s immediate termination from the organization.

What happened to mayhem from Bully Beatdown?

Former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller remains in custody in a Newport Beach, Calif. jail after he was charged with multiple felonies on Tuesday. Court records confirmed Miller was initially arrested on Aug. 21 and he’s currently being held without bail.

Where does Jason Miller Live?

Personal life. Miller met his wife, Kelly, while working for a congressional campaign in California. They live in suburban Washington, D.C. and have two daughters.

What did Mayhem Miller get in trouble for?

Miller was arrested Friday for felony domestic violence, according to a report from TMZ. An inmate search through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shows Miller was arrested at 3 a.m. Friday and booked later Friday morning. He’s being held on bail of $1.385 million.