What does MS Readathon raise money for?

The MS Readathon is all about kids helping kids! Children are challenged to read as much as they can in August and raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. You can register up to 5 children under the one email address.

What does the MS Readathon do?

About the MS Readathon The MS Readathon inspires kids to read as much as they can, all for one incredible cause. The rules are simple. Read whatever you like, as much as you can, throughout the month of August. Children can register with their school (teachers, you can register your class) or individually.

How do you start a readathon?

8 Tips To Plan Your Readathon

  1. Figure out your “why” Why do you want to do a fundraiser in the first place?
  2. Set your time frame.
  3. Pick a theme.
  4. Communicate the details.
  5. Gather prizes.
  6. Keep donations simple.
  7. Embrace technology.
  8. Make it special.

How do you organize a readathon at school?

With a readathon or any educational fundraiser, you’ll want to give families enough time to find sponsors and gather books (or brush up on their spelling or math skills); a few weeks before the event, send home a flyer, mention it in your newsletter, post some shareable graphics on your social media pages, and provide …

Are MS Readathon donations tax deductible?

Taxes – MS* does not guarantee that you will be eligible for any tax benefit by making a Donation to MS Readathon except to the extent that we currently hold an endorsement for deductible gift status.

What is the meaning of Readathon?

Noun. readathon (plural readathons) An event during which people read books in order to raise money for charity.

Is MS Readathon tax deductible?

How long has MS Readathon been going?

Australia. The MS Readathon started in 1979, and is Australia’s premier reading-based fundraiser aimed at children. The MS Readathon encourages Australian children to read books, learn about multiple sclerosis (MS) and raise funds to help people living with multiple sclerosis.

How long does read-a-thon last?

How long does a Read-a-thon last? Our Read-a-thons require 10 reading sessions. Most schools hold their reading sessions during class time so actual reading time lasts for 2 weeks.

What’s a readathon?

Readathon Fundraisers A Read-a-thon Fundraiser is a way to raise money by getting people to support students who spend a few weeks focusing on reading. It is the perfect school fundraiser because it does not require students to do anything other than what they are already doing at school.

How long is a readathon?

between 2-4 weeks
Readathon is totally flexible, so you can run it in a day, a few weeks, a month or a whole term, it’s really up to you. However, most schools tend to run it for between 2-4 weeks. It slots right into the timetable and can be part of guided reading, class story sessions, or any other reading initiatives.

What is Readathon speech?

Started by READ in 1989, the annual Readathon is a literacy awareness campaign which focuses on exciting activities and encourages the appreciation of the joy of reading.