What does Sleep Balm do?

Sleep Balm is an all-natural, certified organic balm. This dreamy, night balm will not make you sleepy (it’s not a drug); rather it’s a calming, soothing blend of essential oils to help ease you into a relaxed state of mind so sleep can come naturally.

What is the best Sleep Balm?

10 Blissful Sleep Balms

  • Dream Mist, Lavender Provence by Body Bliss.
  • Aromatic Bedtime Treatment from Tata Harper.
  • Sweet Dreams No 4 Moisturizing Body Lotion by Valentina’s Naturals.
  • Healing Sleep Anointing Oil by Lotus Wei.
  • Peaceful Slumber, a Liquid Lullaby by Tazeka Aromatherapy.
  • Lavender & Bergamot Sleep Balm by Badger.

Where do you put lavender Sleep Balm?

Simply rub a little balm under your nose, lips or on pulse points to help you transition into sleep. Our balms are made with organic olive oil from our own historic groves and beeswax. We only use organic lavender essential oils from our own farm.

How do you use lavender Sleep Balm?

Our bestselling Sleep Balm is enriched with Vitamin E and the calming fragrance of pure Bridestowe Lavender Oil. Apply to your temples and inhale the soothing scent as you relax into sleep.

What are pulse points for Sleep Balm?

Placing fragrance onto your pulse points (wrists, temples and neck) makes it last longer due to the beat of your heart. A blend of moisturising Vitamin E and relaxing essential oils create a calming fragrance on your pulse points, helping to ease your mind and encourage a restful night’s sleep.

Is Badger balm good for eczema?

We have received regular feedback from customers that Badger Balm has helped to soothe the discomforts of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis, but we cannot say definitively that they help to heal these skin ailments.

Is melatonin a good sleep aid?

Generally safe Your body likely produces enough melatonin for its general needs. However, evidence suggests that melatonin supplements promote sleep and are safe for short-term use. Melatonin can be used to treat delayed sleep phase and circadian rhythm sleep disorders in the blind and provide some insomnia relief.

How do you use Decleor Night balm?

How to Apply

  1. At night, warm a small amount of balm in the palms of your hands.
  2. Inhale the aroma of your balm.
  3. Apply to your cleansed face and neck, by massaging gently.

Does lavender balm help you sleep?

Not only can it improve the quality of your sleep (including those with insomnia), but also how long you sleep, so making you fresher and more alert during the day. Basically, lavender works by calming the central nervous system and promoting slow-wave sleep, so helping you sleep longer and better.