What does Tata AutoComp do?

Tata AutoComp has ten joint ventures in partnership with leading companies from the global auto component Industry through which it manufactures and markets automotive components and systems like engine cooling solutions, automotive batteries, rear view mirrors, command systems, HVAC, exhaust and emission control …

Who owns Tata AutoComp?

Ratan Tata, founder-chairman of Tata AutoComp, and chairman, Tata Trusts, spoke to employees, customers and suppliers and said his vision was to establish a formal auto-component company in India that could bring in technology for the nascent auto industry in those times.

Is Tata AutoComp listed?

Company Profile Presently, TATA AutoComp Systems holds 75% stake in the Company and balance 25% is held by the Public. The shares of the Company are listed on NSE and BSE.

What are the values of Tata AutoComp?

With a strong foundation and legacy of TATA Group – TATA AutoComp Systems has ethical business practices across all its function based on following Core Values. Customer Connect , Innovation and Total Quality are the Mantra of TATA AutoComp Systems.

Is Asal Tata Group company?

ASAL is the only listed company in the Tata AutoComp portfolio. With this acquisition, Tata AutoComp will have 5 subsidiaries and 6 joint ventures with leading auto-component majors.

Is Tata AutoComp listed in NSE?

Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd. is not listed on NSE (View BSE)

What is ASAL Tata?

Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Limited (ASAL) a TATA Autocomp Systems Limited subsidiary and a part of TATA Enterprise was incorporated as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956 on March 13, 1990 as JBM Tools Limited and subsequently, on August 1, 2003 the name was changed to Automotive Stampings …

What does Asal company do?

Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Limited (ASAL), Manufactures and supplier of sheet metal components, welded assemblies and modules for automobiles. The product range includes Body-In-White (BIW) structural panels, Skin panels, Fuel tanks, Rear Twist Beam, Oil sumps & Suspension..

Who is the owner of Asal?

Automotive Stampings & Assemblies Ltd (ASAL) – Company Information

Chairman & Independent Directo : Pradeep Bhargava
Non-Exec & Non-Independent Dir : Bharatkumar Parekh
Non-Exec & Non-Independent Dir : Arvind Goel
Non-Exec. & Independent Dir. : Bhavna Bindra

Is Asal A Tata company?

What is automotive stamping?

Automotive Stampings Automotive stamping is a metal stamping process in which flat stock sheet metal or metal coils are precisely shaped into three dimensional automotive parts in a stamping press.

What does Asal mean in Persian?

Means “honey” in Persian (of Arabic origin).