What does the Cerrado look like?

The Cerrado is characterized by unique vegetation types. It is composed of a shifting mosaic of habitats, with the savanna-like cerrado itself on well-drained areas between strips of gallery forest (closed canopy tall forest) which occur along streams.

What is the Cerrado biome?

The Cerrado is a vast tropical biome composed of savannas and grasslands amid humid and dry forests.

What is the Cerrado and what is the Pantanal?

The Cerrado savannas lie to the north, east and southeast. The Pantanal is a tropical wet and dry region with an average annual temperate of 21.5 °C (70.7 °F) and rainfall at 1,320 mm (52 in) a year.

Why is the Cerrado threatened?

Habitat Degradation The main threat to biodiversity in the Cerrado is the clearing of land for pasture and monocultures, which involve growing single crops on an industrial scale.

Why is the Cerrado important?

Why Preserving the Cerrado Matters Some of South America’s most important rivers originate in the Cerrado. Converting the Cerrado for crop and livestock production can decrease water flows, reduce rainfall, prolong droughts, and contribute to more frequent fires.

Why is Cerrado important to Latin America?

The cerrado region’s size allows a unique evolutionary theater where species from the largest South American forests (Amazon and Atlantic Forest) and the largest South American dry habitats (Chaco and Caatinga) intertwine and co-evolve.

Is Cerrado a forest?

The cerrado is a vast tropical and subtropical biome covering more than 20 percent of Brazil, it includes a number of ecosystems from tall closed forests to marshlands to open grassland.

What does Cerrado mean in geography?

a type of plains community characterized by vegetation ranging from tropical broadleaf woodlands to scrublands, occurring in extensive areas of Brazil.

Why is the Cerrado a hotspot?

With over 4,800 species of endemic plants and vertebrates, Cerrado is one of the largest biodiversity hotspots in the world. The region’s biodiversity is an integral environmental resource for the survival, traditions and livelihood of the local communities.

What is the Spanish word Cerrado mean?

closed, narrow, tight.

How do you pronounce Cerrado?

noun, plural cer·ra·dos [suh-rah-dohz; Portuguese si-rah-doos].

Is Cerrado masculine or feminine?


number feminine masculine
plural cerradas cerrados
singular cerrada cerrado