What does the Green Zone in Iraq mean?

The Green Zone is a heavily fortified area of Iraq that is home to various governmental buildings as well as several foreign embassies.

Is there free health care in Iraq?

The public health care system in Iraq is free and has been free for decades.

Is there still a Green Zone in Iraq?

Since the handover of sovereignty to Iraqis, many of the facilities in the Green Zone have been turned over to the new Iraqi government. It is still a base for western private military contractors, and home to the U.S., British, Australian and Egyptian embassies.

Is Iraq Green Zone safe?

The green zone was still the safest area in Baghdad, and until this incident there had no shooting incidents or attacks on any personnel in this area.

Why was it called the Green Zone?

The official name under the interim government was the International Zone, but the name Green Zone, al-Mintaqa al-Khadraa in Arabic, was more commonly used, because the area was safer than the rest of Baghdad, where explosions, kidnappings, sectarian killings and shootings soon became common.

How healthy is Iraq?

Health statistics and health indicators Iraq was ranked as country number 125 in the world which is lower than all the neighbor countries. For females it was 71.85 years ranked as country number 127 higher than that for males which was 67,44 years but ranked as country number 115.

Does Iraq have health insurance?

There is no formal private healthcare insurance system in Iraq. In some instances, wealthier Iraqis may pay out of pocket to receive speedier treatment at a public facility, or opt to go to a neighbouring country for treatment.

What does Green Zone mean?

3An area which is regarded as safe, or into which entry is permitted. Now especially with reference to the area of central Baghdad used as a secure base by international coalition forces and authorities following the 2003 invasion of Iraq.