What episode is Naruto vs 4th Raikage?

Naruto: Shippuden: Season 13, Episode 7 – Rotten Tomatoes.

Is Naruto stronger than 4th Raikage?

Nope. He can’t. 4th Raikage is too strong and too fast. The only useful thing Naruto has is reaction speed.

Who is stronger Tsunade or 4th Raikage?

The difference in their strength is no were near as big as their difference in speed. Tsunade is stronger that A, especially if she releases her seal, but she is not miles stronger than him. On the another hand, A is much faster than Tsunade. Tsunade however has the healing factor on her side.

Is raikage better than Hokage?

Even in his old age, he was able to fight Orochimaru and his reincarnated Hokage head-on and even seal them at the cost of his life. The Third Raikage would definitely have his hands tied against the Hokage, but he would likely come out on top in what would be an extremely close encounter.

Who is stronger Killer Bee vs raikage?

Raikage is the fastest ninja after minato and he’s pretty strong with high chakra and great armor. But bee has 8 tails plus he’s no slouch in base which makes him significantly more stronger. If bee turns full bijuu than one bijuu bomb would annihilate the raikage.

Is raikage stronger than Tsunade?

Tsunade is (physically) very strong, maybe the strongest shinobi that exists. But Raikage is strong af too, got Lightning armor and is much, MUCH fast then Tsunade.

Can Kakashi beat 4th Raikage?

Even SMS (Single Mangekyo Sharingan) Kakashi would beat all Raikage except the 3rd and 4th. The raikage would without a doubt. The raikage is so fast even sasuke’s mangekyo sharingan couldn’t keep up and sasuke is better with his sharingan than kakashi.

Is Raikage stronger than Hokage?

Definitely The Third Raikage. It’s True That The First Hokage Was One of the Strongest Ninjas Known to The Shinobi World Having Done several Great Feats Especially While Fighting Madara-Kurama In Valley Of the End, Against Ten-Tails And so on. But Raikage Too Has his Own Share Of Glory.

Can Raikage beat Tsunade?

In a fight, No. Just Stats wise Yes. The gap of Physical strength between the Raikage and Tsunade is not very significant. However the gap between them in speed is very great.

Can Kakashi beat Raikage?

With his newly acquired powers, Kakashi could use the full-body Susanoo which was equipped with Kamui shuriken. The weapon could seal anything on the slightest contact. Double Mangekyou Sharingan Kakashi would have easily beaten the Third Raikage.