What episode of Bonanza does Little Joe get hurt?

Read allAlone at the Ponderosa while everyone else is away on a cattle drive, Joe suffers a compound fracture in his left arm when he is kicked by a horse spooked by a severe thunderstorm. Joe fights to stay conscious and treat his wounds.

Did Little Joe on Bonanza have a half brother?

A bunch of angry miners want to run Stafford out of town, which is about when he reveals to Little Joe that they are half-brothers, both born of Marie.

What was Little Joe’s horse on Bonanza?

Cochise – Michael Landon – Little Joe Michael Landon rode the flashy paint, Cochise for the first six years of the series, along with other paints that served as stunt doubles. One night an intruder broke into Fat Jones Stable, wielding a knife and injured several of the horses.

Did Little Joe Cartwright ever get married on Bonanza?

Little Joe got married in an episode called “Forever,” which aired Sept. 12, 1972. By the end of the show he was a widower. The script was written by Michael Landon for Dan Blocker’s Hoss, but Blocker died months earlier and Landon’s Little Joe got hitched instead.

How many times was Little Joe shot in Bonanza?

Throughout the series, Joe was shot 18 times, Ben was shot 14 times, Hoss was shot 11 times, and Adam was shot 6 times.

Why did the Cartwrights always wear the same clothes?

They wear the same outfits for a reason. From the fourth season onwards, the Cartwrights wear the same outfits like cartoon characters. The standardization was made to make it easier to reuse stock footage for action sequences and to make it easier to duplicate the wardrobe for the stunt doubles.

Was there a fourth son on Bonanza?

Mitch Vogel (born January 17, 1956) is a United States former child actor who left show business at the age of 20. He is best known for his 1970-73 Bonanza role, where he played the teen orphan Jamie Hunter Cartwright. The character was taken-in by the Cartwrights, and eventually became patriarch Ben’s fourth son.

What happened to Little Joe’s horse on Bonanza?

After mourning the loss of Little Joe’s horse, the show had to go on. Landon’s horse got replaced by another black and white pinto, and it was this horse that accompanied Little Joe during appearances at rodeos and events around the country.

How many horses did Little Joe ride in Bonanza?

Q: On “Bonanza,” why did Michael Landon have so many different Paint horses, at least four, and sometimes two in one episode? A: According to several “Bonanza” websites, Landon — who played Little Joe on the long-running western — had more than a dozen horses playing his mount over the course of the show.

Did Little Joe have a baby on Bonanza?

There were several made-for-television movies released well after Bonanza went off the air, one of which described how Little Joe went on to marry and have a son named Benji, according to IMDb.

Did Adam Cartwright ever get married?

Ben Cartwright went through 3 wives and it was said that Adam went to Australia but never married. There is a site that says the show Forever, was originally supposed to have Hoss marry. Instead it was Little Joe, because Dan Blocker had died before that next season started.

Why did Pernell Roberts leave Bonanza show?

Conflict Over Scripts, Characters Prompted Actor Pernell Roberts to Leave ‘Bonanza’ Several things reportedly caused Roberts grief while he was playing Adam Cartwright on “Bonanza.” He wasn’t happy with the show’s scripts. He was also unhappy with how the show’s characters were portrayed and changed over the years.