What game sold the most in 2011?

‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Gears of War’ on 2011 best-selling games list

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
  • Just Dance 3.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Battlefield 3.
  • Portal 2.
  • Batman: Arkham City.
  • Just Dance 2.
  • Madden NFL 12.

How much did a Wii cost in 2011?


Original white Wii standing upright on its stand next to a Wii Remote
Release date NA: November 19, 2006 JP: December 2, 2006 AU: December 7, 2006 EU: December 8, 2006 show Revisions
Lifespan 2006–2013 (RVL-001) 2011–2014 (RVL-101) 2012–2017 (RVL-201)
Introductory price US$249.99 ¥25,000 GB£179.99 €249.99 A$399.95

How many sales did Wii Sports have?

82.9 million units sold
With approximately 82.9 million units sold, Wii Sports was the top selling Wii game of all time as of September 2021.

How many sales did the Wii sell?

101.64 million units
First released in November 2006, the Wii is a video game console developed by Nintendo. As of February 2022, it had sold 101.64 million units across the world, including over 33 million units in Europe.

What was the number 1 game of 2011?

Batman: Arkham City
It was a very good year

Title / Platform Users
1 Batman: Arkham City PS3 8.1
2 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 360 8.5
3 Portal 2 PC 8.4
4 Portal 2 360 8.1

Did the Wii sell well?

The Wii is Nintendo’s best selling console; despite the release of its successor. About 26 million units of the Wii were sold in 2009, the highest number to date. Overall, Nintendo sold about 100 million units worldwide since 2007.

What was the top selling video game for the Wii in 2010?

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

How much was the Wii in 2008?

($249.99, list)
Now that the amazement over the Nintendo Wii’s innovative gameplay (and retail shortages) has worn off, it’s time to take a clear-eyed look at the benefits of owning a Wii ($249.99, list) over a now similarly priced Microsoft Xbox 360 or pricier Sony PlayStation 3.