What grassroot means?

Definition of grassroots 1 : the very foundation or source You must attack the problem at the grass roots. 2 : the basic level of society or of an organization especially as viewed in relation to higher or more centralized positions of power was losing touch with the party’s grass roots.

What is the Greek root for cold?

Cryo- comes from the Greek krýos, meaning “ice cold” or “frost.” Can you guess what cryology is? The study of snow and ice.

How do you use grass roots?

Grassroots in a Sentence

  1. Love, trust, and forgiveness are the grassroots parts of a marriage.
  2. Freedom and equality are grassroots values in America.
  3. A fundamental part of the political campaign, the grassroots effort was able to bring in a large group of supporters.

Is it grassroot or grass root?

Grass roots is a variant that is sometimes seen in European countries, but the American form, grassroots, is quickly becoming the norm. The word was coined in American in 1910-1915. Grassroots signifies the power of that average men have in their numbers.

How do you say white in Greece?

Saying the Colors in the Greek Language

  1. μαύρο – mavro – black.
  2. άσπρο – aspro – white.
  3. κόκκινο – kokkino – red.
  4. κίτρινο – kitrino – yellow.
  5. πράσινο – prasino – green.
  6. καφέ – kafe – brown.
  7. μπλε – ble – blue.
  8. γαλάζιο – galazio – light blue.

Who invented the word hot?

Old English hat “hot, flaming, opposite of cold,” used of the sun or air, of fire, of objects made hot; also “fervent, fierce, intense, excited,” from Proto-Germanic *haita- (source also of Old Saxon and Old Frisian het, Old Norse heitr, Middle Dutch and Dutch heet, German heiß “hot,” Gothic heito “heat of a fever”).

What type of root does grass have?

fibrous root system
Grasses and other monocotyledons (angiosperms with a single seed leaf) have a fibrous root system, characterized by a mass of roots of about equal diameter. This network of roots does not arise as branches of the primary root but consists of many branching roots that emerge from the base of the stem.

Who benefits from grassroots marketing?

Benefits of Grassroots Marketing

  • Benefit 1: Cost-Efficient Marketing Strategy.
  • Benefit 2: Quickly Gather Large Groups of Loyal Customers.
  • Benefit 3: For the Love of Being Local.
  • Benefit 4: Spreading the Word Through the Voices of Others.
  • What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Where did the term grass roots come from?

The earliest origin of “grass roots” as a political metaphor are obscure. In the United States, an early use of the phrase “grassroots and boots” was thought to have been coined by Senator Albert Jeremiah Beveridge of Indiana, who said of the Progressive Party in 1912, “This party has come from the grass roots.