What happened to Cliffjumper in War for Cybertron?

Prime cartoon Three years after the last reported Decepticon activity on Earth, Cliffjumper was still marooned on the planet with his fellow Autobots. The interim Decepticon commander did not respond well to Cliffjumper’s irreverence, and the Autobot was stabbed through the chest.

Why was Cliffjumper killed in Transformers Prime?

Cliffjumper was one of the initial members of Team Prime fighting the Decepticons on Earth. Unfortunately (and shockingly), Cliffjumper was killed by Starscream in his debut episode. Cliff’s body was used as a test subject for Dark Energon and turned into a Terrorcon, only to be killed once again.

Who voiced Cliffjumper in Transformers Fall of Cybertron?

Nolan North is the voice of Cliffjumper in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

What happened to arcee after Transformers Prime?

The Optimus Prime impostor Arcee dispatched with the other Autobots to save him, with Arcee going after the Optimus Prime lookalike by herself. As she looked for it, she was struck by the vehicle and remained unconscious until being treated by Ratchet at the Autobot base.

What does Cliffjumper turn into?

A redeco of Bumblebee, Alt-Modes Cliffjumper is a super deformed toy whose body transforms into a car when the Autobot faction symbol on his head is flipped.

What kind of car was Cliffjumper?

Porsche 924
The toy was designated simply `1981 ‘Porsche 924’ (MC-01). Its “stubby” vehicle mode proportions were designed to resemble Takara’s Choro-Q toyline (Penny Racers in the US). Following Hasbro’s licensing of Takara toys for sale in the US, ‘Cliffjumper’ was released with the first wave of Transformers in 1984.

What car is g1 Cliffjumper?

Porsche 924 Carrera GT
Cliffjumper was an Autobot Mini Vehicle released in 1984 with the first wave of Generation 1. Cliffjumper transforms into a super-deformed Porsche 924 Carrera GT.