What happened to Johnson Utilities?

In January, EPCOR USA finalized the purchase of the utility from the owners who frustrated customers and state agencies with sewage spills, poor water quality, noxious odors, lawsuits and other problems for decades. Johnson, a developer, founded the utility in 1997 to serve housing projects in the area.

What company took over Johnson Utilities?

PHOENIX—January 29, 2021—EPCOR Water Arizona Inc., a subsidiary of EPCOR USA Inc. (EPCOR USA), has acquired the assets and operations of Johnson Utilities LLC.

Who provides water to San Tan Valley?

The Town of Queen Creek Water Department provides domestic water and irrigation to approximately 40 square miles of the Queen Creek area. See the Town of Queen Creek water service area boundaries map below to find out if you live in our service area.

Who provides water to Florence AZ?

Johnson Utilities
Florence residents who live in Anthem are served by Johnson Utilities water and sewer. In all, Johnson Utilities serves approximately 29,450 water and 40,160 wastewater customers in Florence, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.

Is Johnson Utilities now EPCOR?

EPCOR USA has acquired the troubled Johnson Utilities water and sewer company in the East Valley, ending a decades-long saga between the utility company and regulators that affected tens of thousands of utility customers.

Is Johnson Utilities a private company?

Johnson Utilities has been called one of the most-cited private utility companies in Arizona. It has faced a number of environmental issues and numerous complaints from customers over the years.

Who owns EPCOR water?

the City of Edmonton
Epcor is a company owned entirely by the City of Edmonton, which now has assets of $6 billion and provides private electricity and water services across North America. It started in 1995 with ownership of Edmonton’s power generation and distribution.

Where does Queen Creek get their water from?

groundwater wells
The Town of Queen Creek’s drinking water comes from groundwater wells. Groundwater is pumped from any number of the 20 active drinking water wells located throughout the Town.

Who is the natural gas provider in San Tan Valley AZ?

Call 911 and Southwest Gas. We’re Here to Serve You.

What does EPCOR stand for?

Edmonton Power Corporation
EPCOR stands for Edmonton Power Corporation.

Who owns EPCOR?

How much did Johnson Utilities sell for?

But the Arizona Supreme Court on July 31 affirmed the Corporation Commission’s authority to impose a different company to act as a manager of the utility, and by October, Johnson had reached an agreement to sell his company to EPCOR for about $110 million.