What happened to Stanley Andrews?

In 1969, Andrews died in Los Angeles, California, aged 77.

When did the old ranger died?

June 23, 1969Stanley Andrews / Date of death

How old was the old ranger on Death Valley Days?

77 years (1891–1969)Stanley Andrews / Age at death

Who sponsored Death Valley Days?

the Pacific Coast Borax Company
The series was sponsored by the Pacific Coast Borax Company (20 Mule Team Borax, Boraxo) and hosted by Stanley Andrews (“The Old Ranger”) (1952–1964), Ronald Reagan (1964–1965), Rosemary DeCamp (1965), Robert Taylor (1966–1969), and Dale Robertson (1969–1970).

How many years did Ronald Reagan host Death Valley Days?

Future President Ronald Reagan was one of the hosts of the series from 1964-1965 but left to run for Governor of California.

Did Ronald Reagan play in Death Valley Days?

Reagan acted in twenty-one episodes of Death Valley Days, including the 1965 segment “A City Is Born.” In that one, he played mining developer Charles Poston, the “Father of Arizona”. In 1965, Rosemary DeCamp subbed for Ronald Reagan as host on Death Valley Days.

Why did Death Valley get Cancelled?

11 Death Valley Fox comedy, Teen Wolf. Due to decidedly less-than-stellar ratings for the irreverent and gory comedy, MTV decided to only move forward with Teen Wolf, leaving Death Valley to disappear and ultimately fade into half-forgotten obscurity… like Teen Wolf 2, starring Jason Bateman.

Is Death Valley Days in color?

With the death of Dale Robertson in 2013, all former Death Valley Days hosts are now deceased….

Death Valley Days
Picture format 4:3 35mm black and white/colour
Audio format Mono
Original release March 1, 1952 – April 24, 1970

Is Death Valley Days true story?

The stories used in the series were based on actual events. The episode titled “Death Valley Scotty” was based on the record-breaking run of the 1905 Scott Special chartered by Walter E. Scott, a.k.a. “Death Valley Scotty.”

Did Merle Haggard appear in Death Valley Days?

Death Valley Days (TV Series 1952–1970) – Merle Haggard as Host (1975), Self – IMDb.

How many years did Death Valley Days run?

A radio advertising-agency scriptwriter named Ruth Woodman wrote a script for a western anthology. She named it “Death Valley Days” even though she’d never seen Death Valley. It ran for 14 years on the NBC’s Red and Bl …

Did Merle Haggard play in Death Valley Days?