What happens when you drift with a Kaiju?

Drifting with other lifeforms At least two incidents prove that the human mind can Drift with the mind of a Kaiju. With or without a partner, however, Drifting with a Kaiju can trigger a seizure from a neural overload.

What is the highest category Kaiju?

Each Kaiju is classified into five different categories. Categories I and II represent the weakest of the Kaiju, while Categories III through V are the strongest. The Serizawa Scale measures water displacement, toxicity and ambient radiation levels given off by their bodies when they pass through the breach.

What is the big Kaiju in Pacific Rim the black?

The Mega-Kaiju is referred to as “The Hostile” in Pacific Rim Uprising and Steven S. DeKnight’s preferred name for the Kaiju after “Big Daddy”. According to the Uprising Novelization, the Mega-Kaiju’s teeth are 20 ft. long.

Who is the villain in Pacific Rim?

Dr. Newton Geiszler
Dr. Newton Geiszler is a major character in the 2013 American science fiction action film Pacific Rim, and later the main antagonist of the 2018 blockbuster sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising. He is the former scientist of K-Science Lab during the first Human-Kaiju war and later scientist of Shao Corporation.

Is Godzilla bigger than a Kaiju?

The modern Godzilla weighs 99,634 tons as of 2019. That’s 12 times the weight of one of the larger kaiju in the Pacific Rim universe. Or, in human terms, it’s the weight difference between a 300-pound NFL lineman and a toddler.

What is the smallest Kaiju?


Alias Minya
Species Dinosaur-like creature
Family Godzilla (adoptive father) Godzilla Junior (Counterpart)

Is Mega Kaiju bigger than Slattern?

Mega Kaiju is definitely bulkier than Slattern, as evidenced by his weight (7864 tons vs 6750 tons), but we’ve seen 2 stances from him.

Who is Raijin Kaiju?

Raijin is a bipedal Kaiju likened to a Tyrannosaurus Rex in either appearance or temperance. Raijin is designed with an “inner” and “outer” head, shaped like a Venus flytrap. Its “inner head” is protected by the “outer head”, hard shield-like plates around its skull.

Who piloted the Rogue Jaeger?

So, when we get the big Obsidian Fury reveal, it doesn’t take much to put two and two together, and figure out Newt is actually behind the rogue Jaeger. Now, even though Shao explains how her operating system makes it possible for a single pilot to operate the colossal Jaegers, it seems too easy to be true.