What is a blunt cannula used for?

Blunt fill cannulas are used to draw up medication from a vial.

What size cannula is used for filler?

Cannulae that are 27-gauge and smaller are no less likely to penetrate vessels than needles of the same gauge. In terms of safety, industry experts recommend the use of 25-gauge or larger cannula when delivery with a needle is not essential to the aesthetic outcome.

Is it better to use a cannula for fillers?

Because of their unique structure compared to sharp-tip needles, cannulas are preferable for wide treatment areas that need many sessions to fill. Cannulas are more maneuverable around delicate areas of the skin, have higher accuracy with dermal sites, and allow for a continuous flow of filler towards the site.

Is cannula safer than needle filler?

The risk of a vascular occlusion is one of the reasons why many practitioners prefer to use a cannula in “high-risk” areas such as around the eye, as, unlike a needle, a cannula won’t pierce any blood vessels in the area and is therefore less likely to cause any severe complications.

Do cannula fillers hurt?

Does cannula lip filler hurt? Having multiple injections with sharp needles around the lips can feel painful and uncomfortable. While a blunt cannula under the skin can feel like a ‘pushing’ feeling, it is usually not uncomfortable or painful.

What is TSK cannula?

TSK STERiGLIDE Cannula 25G x 38mm is an innovative cannula designed with a dome-shaped tip for precise injection of dermal fillers. Manufactured by TSK Laboratory. TSK is well-known for its wide range of specialty needles for filler, mesotherapy, and botulinum toxin injections.

Are cannulas safer than needles?

Conclusions: Cannulas, in all measured sizes except 27-gauge, required greater forces for intraarterial penetration compared with correspondingly sized needles, confirming the safety of 22- and 25-gauge cannulas; 27-gauge cannulas, however, required similar forces as 27-gauge needles, indicating that 27-gauge cannulas …

Is cannula safer for under eye filler?

Under-eye filler treatments are statistically very safe but still are not without possible side effects and complications. These include overfilling of the area, puffiness, bruising, noticeable lumps or bumps, improper placement, embolization of blood vessels, and unusual discoloration from the filler.

Can a cannula cause scarring?

Cannula location and direction matter as well. Large cannulas can tear the arterial wall if the artery wall is relatively fixed, for example against bone or from scar tissue after surgery.

What hurts more cannula or needle?

While a small bore needle is used to make the initial entry point, once the cannula is inserted into the skin, it is far less likely to pierce and pass through the blood vessels. Instead, it simply pushes past the vessels, causing less trauma underneath the skin and therefore, less chance of bruising post treatment.