What is a California high school proficiency certificate in lieu of diploma?

What is the CHSPE? The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a voluntary test that assesses proficiency in basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills taught in public schools. Eligible persons who pass the CHSPE are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency by the California State Board of Education.

Do universities accept CHSPE?

CHSPE meets the requirement of California state universities that an applicant have a high school diploma or equivalent. California state universities also require, however, that applicants have a certain number of units in several courses of study including social science, English, mathematics, laboratory science, and …

Is the CHSPE exam difficult?

The CHSPE is very similar to the CAHSEE, but the questions are more difficult. A student is given three and a half hours to pass the exam, and must attain a passing score on both sections.

Is the CHSPE harder than the GED?

It depends. The CHSPE includes only 2 subjects, so it’s less to learn than for the GED test. But there are also fewer preparation materials. So while the CHSPE comes with fewer subject tests and is shorter, the GED exam offers many more scheduling options and many free prep courses.

Does California still have the high school exit exam?

SACRAMENTO — California has permanently scrapped its high school exit exam under legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday. The California High School Exit Examination was a requirement to receive a diploma in the state, but the legislature voted in 2015 to drop it for the high school classes of 2015 to 2018.

Can I skip high school and go to college?

In some cases, students take the test and leave high school early to work or attend college. Those who pass the test receive a Certificate of Proficiency, which is equal by law to a California high school diploma, from the State Board of Education.

Does Stanford accept CHSPE?

Stanford Admissions told me they accept CHSPE certificates like any regular high school diploma (as they legally must, being in California), and MIT told me you don’t need a high school diploma to apply at all!.

How much does CHSPE cost?

The standard test fee for the CHSPE is $162. This is the cost if you register before the standard registration deadline, which ends approximately 31 days before the day the test is scheduled for.

What happens if you don’t pass the CHSPE?

Can I retake the CHSPE? If you did not pass a part or all of the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Examination), you may retake the test. You can retake the part that you failed or the entire test as many times as you want without restrictions.

Is taking the CHSPE a good idea?

The CHSPE provides you the opportunity to work on your extracurricular pursuits on a full-time basis, without the interference of a regular high school routine. However, if you’d like to continue your education at some point, you’ll need to make a plan ahead of time for how to do so.

What level of math is on the CHSPE?

Geometry and Measurement

math sections Number of questions
#1 Number Sense and Operations 9
#2 Patterns, Relationships, And Algebra 15
#3 Data, Statistics, And Probability 12
#4 Geometry and Measurement 14