What is a DNA ladder Mix?

Thermo Scientific GeneRuler DNA Ladder Mix is recommended for sizing and approximate quantification of a double-stranded DNA in the range of 100 bp to 10,000 bp on agarose gels. The DNA ladder consists of 21 DNA fragments and is provided with 6X TriTrack DNA Loading Dye.

How much does a DNA ladder cost?

100 bp DNA Ladder

Catalog Number Unit Size Price (USD)
15628019 also known as 15628-019 50 µg 75.50 Your Price: Sign In
15628050 also known as 15628-050 250 µg 297.00 Your Price: Sign In

What is a DNA ladder sample?

DNA ladders contain standard-sized fragments of DNA. Because their molecular weights are known, researchers can quickly compare their samples with the DNA ladder in the same gel to determine their sample’s approximate molecular weight, or identify which sample within the gel is one of interest.

Does DNA ladder expire?

The recommended loading volume of 1 kb DNA Ladder is 6 μL per lane. Storage: Store at -30°C to +30°C. Shelf Life: Shelf Life: Stable until expiry date (EXP) on label. If product is frozen, thaw at room temperature (15 – 25°C).

Why is it called a 1 kb ladder?

a. 1 kb DNA ladder consists of 13 linear double-stranded DNA fragments which can be used to determine the size of DNA fragments with 250 bp to 10,000 bp.

How much ladder should I add?

The recommended loading volume of the 1 kb DNA ladder is 6 μL per lane. DNA Loading Dye is a ready-to-use marker dye containing orange G (0.4%), bromophenol blue (0.03%), and xylene cyanol FF (0.03%), in 15% Ficoll® 400, 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.5), and 50 mM EDTA (pH 8.0).