What is a ePay gateway?

ePay Global is a most trusted High Risk Payment Gateway providers, aims to deliver best online payment solutions with chargeback and risk management. The Company has been established to support small businesses & start-ups that fall under the high-risk category, we also offer our services low-risk business.

What is ePay payment method?

ePay is an eWallet that shoppers can use to pay utility bills or transfer money online. Shoppers register their debit or credit card when signing up for an ePay account. Shoppers can then make payment either directly from their eWallet, or from the credit or debit card linked to their account.

Does ePay work in Nigeria?

“Electronic Payplus Limited is known for its world class service delivery, and has been doing business in both the financial and non-financial sectors of the Nigerian economy as well as in regions beyond Nigeria.

How much does ePay cost?

New ePay fee options It’s a huge time saving feature, and one that your tenants will love… but it does come at a cost. The cost to process a transaction via ePay is: 2.75% per credit card transaction or. $0.50 for each EFT transaction (also called a bank transfer).

Is ePay com legit?

Epay World is a scam company.

How do I pay my ePay online?

Paying your taxes/fees via ePay Punjab allows you to go cashless and paperless with convenience.

  1. Download the App (ePay Punjab App) To avail convenient tax payment services of ePay, download the App from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Select a Service (Levy) (Facility)
  3. Generate PSID for payment.
  4. Make a Payment.

How do I withdraw money from ePay?

Choose USD as the currency to withdraw and enter an amount. Select Epay as the payment option. Make sure the email address of your CEX.IO account matches the email address associated with your Epay account. Then click Withdraw.

How do I put money on my ePay card?

Loading your BPI ePay Mastercard is easy and convenient using the various BPI channels.

  1. I.
  2. Click “Transfer Money” tab, then “Load Prepaid Card” tab.
  3. Choose a source account.
  4. Enter the amount to be loaded.
  5. Click “Load to 3rd party prepaid card”.
  6. Key in the 16-digit BPI ePay Mastercard.

Where is EPAY located?

Company Description: Epay North America is located in Leawood, KS, United States and is part of the Business Support Services Industry.

Is Medpharmres com legit?

It is a 100% fraud website. Dont buy anything.

What is PSID number?

Payment Slip ID (PSID) is a 17-digit unique number generated by WeBOC system for making payment of dues by the trader through internet banking, automated teller machines (ATM), bank’s mobile applications, Over the Counter (OTC), Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash etc.