What is a faunal region?

faunal region, also called Zoogeographic Region, any of six or seven areas of the world defined by animal geographers on the basis of their distinctive animal life. These regions differ only slightly from the floristic regions (q.v.) of botanists.

What is a faunal realm?

Biological division of the Earth’s surface (i.e. a large geographical area) containing a fauna more or less peculiar to it.

What is Zoogeographical regions of the world?

Philip Sclater (1858) and Alfred Wallace (1876) identified the main zoogeographic regions of the world used today: Palaearctic, Aethiopian (today Afrotropic), India (today Indomalayan), Australasian, Nearctic and Neotropical. Marine regionalization began with Ortmann (1896).

How many zoogeographic regions are there in the world?

Here, we generate a global map of zoogeographic regions by combining data on the distributions and phylogenetic relationships of 21,037 species of amphibians, birds, and mammals. We identify 20 distinct zoogeographic regions, which are grouped into 11 larger realms.

Who divided the world into Zoogeographical regions?

The world’s terrestrial zoogeographical regions were originally outlined by Sclater (1858) and Wallace (1876), primarily on the basis of vertebrates, because their distribution records were the most complete at the time.

Which is the largest zoogeographic region?

1. Palaearctic Region. This faunal region stretches over the greater parts of Europe and Eurasia, north of Himalayas. This faunal region includes 136 families of vertebrates, 100 genera of mammals, 174 genera of birds.

Who is explained six main faunal regions of birds?

The leading ecologist and environmentalist A.R. Wallace attempted to classify the world animals into fauna regions in 1876 i.e. Palaearctic Region, Nearctic Region, Oriental Region, Ethiopian Region, and Australian Region.

What are Asia’s two faunal regions?

The Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Himalaya are a major biogeographic boundary between the subtropical and tropical fauna of the Indian subcontinent and the temperate-climate Palearctic realm. The Western Ghats and Sri Lanka are important biodiversity hotspots.

Which is the largest Zoogeographic region?

Where is the palearctic region?

3. The Palearctic Region. The Palearctic region encompasses Eurasia, including Europe, northern Africa, and Asia north of the Oriental region.

Which is the largest zoogeographical region?

variouszoogeographicalregions palaearcticregion
Faunalcompositionof variouszoogeographicalregions palaearcticregion  Largest zoogeographical region  Including Europe, northern parts of Africa, Northern China , U.S.S.R, Japan, Iran, Afghanistan, Baluchistan(a western province of Pakistan) PhysicalGeographical features  It is bounded by sea from north, west and …

Where is Palaearctic?

The Palearctic region encompasses Eurasia, including Europe, northern Africa, and Asia north of the Oriental region.