What is a good gang name?

Cool Gang Names (2022)

  • Born Killers.
  • Young Knives.
  • Birds Of A Feather.
  • Jokers And Thieves.
  • Ocean Elevens.
  • Kings & Queens.
  • Outlaws Of Love.
  • Lonely Hearts Mobsters.

What are some badass squad names?

The list of badass squad names is given below:

  • Unstoppable. What is this? Report Ad.
  • All Hungover.
  • Queen Bees.
  • The Dear Ones.
  • Always Hungry.
  • Winos.
  • Wolf Pack.
  • We Get It Right.

What are gang names?

By ethnic origin

  • Almighty Black P. Stone Nation.
  • Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Four Corner Hustlers.
  • Black Disciples.
  • Black Guerrilla Family.
  • Black Mafia.
  • Black Mafia Family.
  • Black Spades.
  • Bloods. Black P. Stones. Bounty Hunter Bloods. Nine Trey Gangsters. Pirus. Sex Money Murda. United Blood Nation.

What are names for gangsters?

Synonyms of gangster

  • bully,
  • gangbanger,
  • gangsta,
  • goon,
  • gorilla,
  • hood,
  • hoodlum,
  • hooligan,

Can I make my own gang?

Once a gang has some members and some turf, it can grow by starting offshoots. People in other neighborhoods, cities, or states can start their own branches of a successful gang (with which they may have little or no contact).

What is the name of a gang leader?

A crime boss, also known as a crime lord, Don, gang lord, kingpin, godfather, or criminal mastermind, is a person in charge of a criminal organization.

Should I join a gang?

Joining a gang will not give you more protection; it could enhance your chance of being targeted as a victim. Gang members make far less money than those who do not join gangs. Gang members usually don’t get a good education, making it hard to find a good job.