What is a highrise pack?

Definitions: High Rise Pack: defined as a bundle of hose that is packaged in a way to allow members to carry each bundle of hose to a location for deployment. High Rise Occupancy: any building that a standard pre-connect and apartment line evolution can not reach the seat of the fire.

What is the purpose of a standpipe pack or high rise pack?

The purpose of including the increaser in the standpipe bag is to allow the hoseline to be extended off the nozzle without shutting down water to the hoseline if the hoseline is stretched short. Optional equipment includes a wire brush, an additional hand wheel, an additional nozzle, and a choke down tip.

How much does a high-rise pack weight?

You will carry a ‘high-rise pack’ containing two sections of bundled 1 ¾-inch hoseline weighing approximately 42 pounds.

What’s the meaning of standpipe?

Definition of standpipe : a high vertical pipe or reservoir that is used to secure a uniform pressure in a water-supply system.

What is a dry standpipe?

A dry standpipe is a network of in-place piping allowing connection of a water supply (usually a fire department mobile apparatus known as a pumper) to a dedicated inlet at street level, with hose outlet valves on each floor.

How heavy is a high-rise pack?

What is a Cleveland load used for?

The Cleveland load (aka Metro load or Roundabout load) is handline load primarily used for high-rise applications from what I have found. Other applications would be when deploying a handline not pre-connected to the engine.

How much does 5 inch firehose weigh?

Fire Hose Weights Per Size

Hose Diameter Weight (empty)
2.5 inch 27 lbs (per 50 feet) 54 lbs (per 100 feet)
4 inch 40 lbs (per 50 feet) 80 lbs (per 100 feet)
5 inch 55 lbs (per 50 feet) 110 lbs (per 100 feet)
6 inch 68 lbs (per 50 feet) 136 (per 100 feet)