What is a kuapa?

Basically, a fishpond consists of a wall and a sluice gate. For a loko kuapa type of fishpond, the wall was made of boulders and stones of all sizes and was known as the kuapa. A sluice gate or makaha was placed at precise locations where currents occurred.

What is a fish pond called?

piscina. piscine. Noun. ▲ An inland body of standing water, either natural or man-made, that is smaller than a lake.

What is a Loko I A?

Hawaiians created an ingenious way to farm fish in their natural habitat by building an enclosed section of ocean. There they raised fish, somewhat like raising animals on a farm. Loko’i’a or fishponds were made by building a large stone wall with a gate.

How do Hawaiian fishponds work?

Fishponds were usually built along shorelines with shallow reefs. Lava rock walls were assembled to form pools of different shapes and sizes in which fish from the ocean would be trapped, raised, and harvested.

Who is Meheanu?

Meheanu was the kia’i or the guardian of the fish pond.

What are walled fishponds in Hawaiian?

The distinctive, rock-walled fishpond, or loko kuapā, that Kūʻula and his descendants built likely evolved from fish traps early Polynesian settlers brought to Hawaiʻi. These traps took advantage of tidal flows on shallow reefs to capture fish.

What is head pond?

headpond means a reservoir of water created by the construction of a dam or weir.

What is fish pond culture?

Pond culture is a very popular aquaculture production method with many aquatic species cultured in ponds. To have successful pond production, ponds must be properly sited and built, with careful assessment of water availability, quantity, and quality.

How many Hawaiian fishponds are there?

Researchers have estimated there were 488 fishponds across the Hawaiian islands prior to contact with westerners.

Which Moku is the Heʻeia fishpond located?

Located on the windward side of Oʻahu Island, Hawaiʻi (Figure 1A), Heʻeia Fishpond (also known as Pihi Loko Iʻa) is a loko iʻa kuapā estimated to have been built 600-800 years ago atop the Malaukaʻa fringing reef [22] and has been at the forefront of loko iʻa restoration in Hawaiʻi.

What does Wahi Pana mean?

In Hawaiian culture, “wahi pana” is defined as celebrated or noted, and as legendary places or landmarks of special interest and historical significance.