What is a normal PSA reading in Canada?

Most labs consider a normal PSA level to be around 4 ng/mL. Some researchers use a lower cut-off PSA level to help them decide who has the greatest risk of prostate cancer. It’s important for you to discuss your PSA test result and what it means for your risk of prostate cancer with your doctor.

Is PSA test free in BC?

KELOWNA – B.C. is one of the few provinces in Canada that doesn’t cover routine PSA screenings under the medical services plan. The cost for the test, which is used to screen men for prostate cancer, will only be picked up by the government if a doctor orders the test for at-risk or already diagnosed patients.

Does MSP cover PSA test?

PSA tests in B.C. are not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Prostate Cancer is a “silent disease” and the best chance for a cure is through early detection before the onset of symptoms.

How do I get a PSA test in BC?

Speak to your family doctor or nurse practitioner about whether you should get a PSA test. The decision to have a PSA test depends on your age, medical conditions, if you are at risk of getting prostate cancer and if you want the test.

What is a high PSA for a 70 year old man?

Aging Affects PSA Levels “At age 40, a PSA of 2.5 is the normal limit,” says John Milner, MD, a urologist in the Chicago area. “By age 60, the limit is up to 4.5; by age 70, a PSA of 6.5 could be considered normal.”

How much does a PSA test cost in BC?

The cost is:$50.

What time of day is PSA lowest?

The authors recommend that the optimal time to obtain an accurate PSA level is fasting for 7–9 h, which avoids the increased PSA levels observed with fasting extremes as well as possible diurnal rhythm variations that may exist in shorter fasting times.

Do you have to pay for a PSA test?

When a physician or nurse practitioner suspects prostate cancer because of a man’s history and/or the results of his physical examination (including digital rectal examination), PSA testing is available at no charge to the patient through the hospital or community laboratory service.

What is the difference between total PSA and free PSA?

A total PSA test measures all the PSA, including both the bound and the free-floating antigens. A free PSA test, on the other hand, only measures PSA that is floating freely in the bloodstream and not bound to a different protein.