What is an antonym for Flanked?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for flanking. defense, defensive, guard, shield.

What is the meaning of flanked in Marathi?

translation of ‘flank’ डोंगर किंवा इमारत यांची बाजू, बगलेवर हल्ला करणे, सैन्यची बगल किंवा कुस, शरीराची मांसल बाजू किंवा बगल

Does flank mean side?

A flank is space between the lowest rib and hip of an animal or person. To flank something means to stand at the side of something. In the military, a flank is a left or right side of an army or fleet of ships.

What does the word inwardly?

Definition of inwardly 1 : in the innermost being : mentally, spiritually. 2a : beneath the surface : internally bled inwardly. b : to oneself : privately cursed inwardly.

What are synonyms for Flanked?

Synonyms of flanked

  • abutted,
  • adjoined,
  • bordered (on),
  • butted (on or against),
  • fringed,
  • joined,
  • marched (with),
  • neighbored,

What is the synonym of surround?

close in, cordon (off), fence (in), hem (in), wall.

What is the meaning of boughs in Marathi?

a main branch of a tree. translation of ‘bough’ बुंध्यापासून निघालेली झाडाची मोठी फांदी It looked rather like someone had chopped off a tree ‘bough’ and roughly hewn off all the twigs and leaves.

What is flanking in biology?

Flanking region. (Science: molecular biology) The dna sequences extending on either side of a specific locus or gene.

Where is flank located?

The flank is the area on the sides and back of your abdomen, between your lower ribs and your hips. Pain in this area is called flank pain.

What is a flank 2 position?

CTU used the protocol “flank 2” as a code word, meaning that the agent using the terminology was operating under duress; and therefore, was being manipulated by the hostage-takers to feed false information to their home agency.

What is inwardly and outwardly?

As adverbs the difference between inwardly and outwardly is that inwardly is in an inward manner; on the inside or to one’s self while outwardly is externally or on the outside, or on the surface.