What is an APC qualification?

The Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) ensures that candidates are competent and meet the high standards of professionalism required to become a chartered surveyor. These are a mix of technical and professional practice, interpersonal, business and management skills.

How do I get APC surveying?

The APC – assessment of professional competence – is the training scheme that graduates need to complete on the job to qualify as a chartered surveyor. For graduates with less than five year’s vocational experience, the APC must take a minimum of 24 months.

How difficult is the APC?

The RICS’ APC is renowned as one of the toughest chartership programmes you can take. The average pass rate is 70%, but this drops to 59% for the building surveying faculty.

What qualifications do you need to be a chartered surveyor in the UK?

To qualify as a Chartered Surveyor, you need to complete a degree accredited by the RICS. You’ll then spend time in employment undergoing your Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). You are granted Membership of RICS after your APC Final Assessment.

How long does it take to get APC results?

within 5 working days
If you have already sat your assessment, you will receive your result by email within 5 working days (and by 5pm). It will also be confirmed on your ARC homepage.

Who can be an APC Counsellor?

We can provide professional counsellor services under exceptional conditions only. You must; Have at least one year work experience in a relevant role alongside a chartered surveyor. Have responsibility for solving problems in an independent manner.

How many people pass APC?

The APC pass rate tends to range between 60-70%, so you are most certainly not alone. If you know other RICS APC candidates in your local area, get in touch and speak to them about their experiences – it doesn’t matter whether they passed or were referred.

How long do APC results take?

Chartered assessment: The result will be sent via email within 5 working days after your interview. If you have not received your result by 17:00 hours on the due date, then please do get in touch on [email protected].

Can you become a Chartered Surveyor without a degree?

If you want to get into surveying but you haven’t got a relevant degree, you needn’t worry. What you do need to do is complete a postgraduate property qualification accredited by RICS, and you can do this in one of two ways: you can study an accredited conversion course before applying for jobs.

Is becoming a Chartered Surveyor hard?

Becoming a Chartered Surveyor is not easy – there’s no doubting that. However, working whilst you learn could place you well ahead of the competition and give you the leverage to boost your career at an early stage.

What happens when you pass APC?

If you were successful at this sitting: Your name will be added to the Members Directory within 24 hours of receiving your result. Your name will be added to the full pass list published by RICS at the end of the assessment session. Your award pack will be sent out by post within 21 days of your result being received.