What is an endo ring?

Endo Ring is a convenient way to hold endodontic instruments and canal lubricant during a procedure. Autoclavable. Features an easy-to-read ruler with rubber stop port. Quickly measures files up to 30 mm (at 1 and 0.5 mm increments) for both right- and left-handed clinicians.

What is an endo box?

ENDO BOX. ENDO BOX. AEB. Description: Holds: 72 Endo (Hand/Rotary) Instruments Endodontic Organizer.It used to place high speed and expand dual-use dental burs.It has different size of dental root-canal obturating points.It can be disinfected.

What is an endo file used for?

Endodontic hand files are instruments used during endodontic treatment to mechanically prepare root canals. Historically, the reuse of these instruments on multiple patients has been standard practice, provided cleaning and sterilisation has taken place before reuse in subsequent clinical cases (Carrotte, 2004).

Is endodontics stressful?

If endodontic treatment is organized, it can be easy, efficient, and enjoyable. But if it is disorganized, it becomes stressful, confusing, and chaotic. The very best way to get organized in any field of dentistry is to create reproducible systems for every procedure you perform.

Do endodontic files expire?

The shelf-life is 5 years.

What is ProTaper next?

The ProTaper NEXT (PTN) System provides shaping advantages through the convergence of a variable tapered design on a given file (ProTaper Universal), innovative M-Wire technology, and a unique offset mass of rotation (as developed by Dr. Michael J. Scianamblo and the Dentsply International team).

What is Torque Endo motor?

Importance of Torque in Endodontics In many aspects of practice in dentistry, especially in. root canal therapy for root canal preparation, there is. a turning force on an instrument. Torque is a parame- ter that must be controllable in root canal preparation.

Should endodontic files be single use only?

The transmission of vCJD via dentistry is considered to be low risk, however, the Department of Health (DoH) has recently advised dentists to ensure that endodontic reamers and files are treated as single-use as a precautionary basis in order to further reduce any risk of vCJD transmission.

What is K file?

K-files have a rhombic cross-section, weak rotary cutting, tight thread spacing, and large cross-sectional area. They are mainly used to remove the dentine of the root canal wall and dredge the root canal. Extremely strong, flexible and durable for searching root canal, cleaning and shaping the canal walls.