What is another definition for bright?

Adjective. bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous, lustrous mean shining or glowing with light. bright implies emitting or reflecting a high degree of light.

What is the similar word of Hinder?

Frequently Asked Questions About hinder Some common synonyms of hinder are block, impede, and obstruct. While all these words mean “to interfere with the activity or progress of,” hinder stresses causing harmful or annoying delay or interference with progress.

What are three synonyms for bright?

synonyms for bright

  • blazing.
  • brilliant.
  • dazzling.
  • flashing.
  • glistening.
  • glittering.
  • golden.
  • intense.

What are synonyms for brighter?

synonyms for brighter

  • brilliant.
  • dazzling.
  • glistening.
  • golden.
  • radiant.
  • shimmering.
  • sunny.
  • vivid.

What does looking bright mean?

If someone looks or sounds bright, they look or sound cheerful and lively. The boy was so bright and animated. Synonyms: cheerful, happy, glad [archaic], lively More Synonyms of bright.

Which best expresses the meaning of Hinder?

1 : to make slow or difficult the progress of : hamper Their journey was hindered by snow and high winds. economic growth hindered by sanctions. 2 : to hold back : prevent, check His financial troubles hindered him from buying a home. intransitive verb.

What is a synonym and antonym for Hinder?

verb. ( ˈhɪndɝ) Be a hindrance or obstacle to. Antonyms. free let action activeness attack start stay. obstruct inhibit stunt prevent impede.

What’s another word for bright and shiny?

Find another word for shiny. In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shiny, like: lustrous, gleaming, glistening, luminous, sparkling, polished, bright, radiant, glaring, sparkly and effulgent.

What two terms relate to brightness?


  • brilliance.
  • illumination.
  • luster.
  • glaze.
  • gloss.
  • light.
  • luminosity.
  • shine.

What kind of word is bright?

proper noun –
Bright is a proper noun – Word Type.