What is discriminatory power?

in statistical analysis, the ability of a scale to differentiate significantly between categorical scale responses.

What is discriminatory power of a model?

The discriminatory power of a classification or typing Model is the likelihood that the Model will assign a different type to two unrelated outcomes randomly sampled from the population under consideration. This measure of Model performance is applicable to statistical Models with cardinal or ordinal output.

How do you find discriminating power?

Determine the Discrimination Index by subtracting the number of students in the lower group who got the item correct from the number of students in the upper group who got the item correct. Then, divide by the number of students in each group (in this case, there are five in each group).

What are the causes of low discriminatory power?

There is a variety of reasons an item may have low discriminating power:(a) extremely difficult or easy items will have low ability to discriminate but such items are often needed to adequately sample course content and objectives;(b) an item may show low discrimination if the test measures many different content areas …

What is discrimination power in education?

The. discriminating power of a test item refers to the degree to which success or failure. on an item indicates possession of the ability being measured (Chellamani,2013) This is the extent to which an item differentiates between high and low-ability test takers.

What do you mean by discretionary power?

Professor Harold Laski has defined discretionary power as that authority of the executive « whether in matters of sub- stance or of procedure or both, which it is free to exercise as it thinks fit ». *1 Legally, it is the power to exercise a discre- ‘ tion with which the courts cannot interfere.

What is the discrimination level?

The discrimination index of an item is the ability to distinguish high and low scoring learners. The closer this value is to 1, the better the item distinguishes the learners who get a high score from those who get a low score.

What is the purpose of the index of discrimination?

The discrimination index (DI) provides an indication of the ability of the group of students who selects each option, in terms of how they perform (as a group) on the examination overall.

What is a discrimination index?

The discrimination index can be described as the possibility that a specific item might distinguish or discriminate between students who possess the necessary knowledge to answer the question correctly, and others who lack such knowledge.

What is judicial power?

The idea that judicial power is undemocratic rests on a conception of democracy that means simply “the rule of the majority”. It rests on the premise that people should be governed only by laws to which they have consented through a majority of their elected representatives.

What is the meaning and the purpose of discretionary power?

Discretionary power means the authority, which provides an administrative agency or official with some degree of latitude in regard to choosing the most reasonable decision among several decisions in compliance with public and private interests.