What is Echovita?

Echovita is an archive of obituaries and public death notices to keep you informed about people who have passed away. United States echovita.com Joined March 2018.

How do I find old obituaries in Canada?

Local genealogical and historical societies, public libraries, and some newspaper publishers maintain clipping files of obituaries. Printed abstracts of obituaries can also be found in various published sources, such as genealogical periodicals. A few Canadian published sources are listed in: Jarboe, Betty M.

Is Echovita free?

It’s easy, free, and it informs more people of who has passed away, for example: former co-workers, old school friends, neighbors, and distant relatives. Families can also create a death notice or memorial for a loved one for free to keep the memories of the deceased forever.

Where can I find old obituaries in Canada for free?

To search thoroughly for obituaries from past newspaper editions, the best approach is to use a variety of tools including Ancestry’s Obituary Collection, Ancestry’s Historical Newspapers collection, and offline research through local libraries and newspaper offices.

How do you say divorce in an obituary?

3 Amicable Divorce If a couple shared friends and acquaintances, listing the ex among the survivors is a way to help people recognize the name of the deceased and respond appropriately. If the couple remained friendly after their divorce, it may be appropriate to list the survivor’s name as “former spouse.”