What is FACS shutdown solution?

BD™ FACS™ Shutdown Solution rinses system components to remove cleaning solution residue. It provides a more thorough rinsing than plain distilled water. Provided in a bulk container for frequent use.

What is FACSCanto?

The BD Bioscience FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer is a benchtop analyzer providing reliable and accurate results for experiments with up to 10 parameters. The FacsCanto II offers unbeatable consistency and optimal signal detection with increased resolution and sensitivity for multicolor assays.

How do I turn off attune?

Shutdown 1. Click “shutdown” in the instrument ribbon tab. Follow the instructions.

What does FACS data look like?

FACS data are commonly presented as one- dimensional histograms or two-dimensional displays (dot displays or contour maps) with logarithmic axes that extend over a ‘four- to five-decade’ range, representing cells with flourescence values that differ 10,000- to 100,000-fold between the lower and upper ends of the scale.

What are the different types of FACS?

Different Types of Light used in a Flow Cytometry Experiment

  • Forward Scatter.
  • Side Scatter.
  • Fluorescence Emission.
  • Multiparametric Analysis.

How do you compensate Facsdiva?

Right-click the Cytometer Settings in the Browser and select Application Settings > Save. Select Experiment > Compensation Setup > Calculate Compensation. In the Single Stained dialog, select Link & Save. Right-click the Cytometer Settings in the Browser and select Save to Catalog.

Is FACS the same as flow cytometry?

FACS is a specialized type of flow cytometry. Flow cytometry is a methodology which is utilized during analysis of a heterogeneous population of cells according to different cell surface molecules, size and volume which allows the investigation of single cells.

How does a FACS machine work?

A charge is placed on the ring based on the immediately prior fluorescence intensity measurement, and the opposite charge is trapped on the droplet as it breaks from the stream. The charged droplets then fall through an electrostatic deflection system that diverts droplets into containers based upon their charge.

How long does attune decontamination?

The Decontaminate System function for the Attune™ NxT Cytometer is broken into three phases. It can take up to 45 minutes to complete the procedure; however, most of the operation is performed automatically. The Decontaminate System function is only available to administrators.