What is form SF 171?

The Standard Form 171, a.k.a. SF-171 is a form completed by those who want to apply in the public office. It assists job seekers who are applying for a new position. Most employers will consider your candidacy based on this form. However, this form is no longer available but still accepted in Federal agencies.

How do I fill out form 612?

How to complete a OF 612 (Step by Step)

  1. Job title.
  2. Dates of employment.
  3. Salary.
  4. Hours per week.
  5. Employer’s name and address.
  6. Supervisor’s name and phone number.
  7. Authorization to contact current supervisor.
  8. Duties and accomplishments.

What is an of 612?

Government Job Applications / Resumes / OF-612 Forms. The “Optional Application for Federal Employment Form OF-612” is a simplified application that agencies can use in the recruiting process.

How do I fill out a 306 form?

How do I fill out Form OF 306? To fill the OF 306 form, first, provide all the personal information, including name, SSN, date and place of birth. Then clarify details relating to military service, violations of the law, dismissals from work, current debt, etc.

What is optional form?

Optional Forms are used governmentwide for various purposes not covered under other categories. Browse the listing below to download your choice of form(s). Form.

What is an of 306 document?

The Declaration of Federal Employment is used to determine your acceptability for federal and contract employment and your enrollment status in the government’s life insurance program. Fill this form out carefully.

How long does it take to process of 306?

I did some research on the Web and found some guidelines on the processing time for OF 306, suitability background check. This process generally takes about 14 days.

Where do I find my of 306?

Related to: A non-VA form. For other government agency forms, go to the GSA forms library.

How is 306 used?

OF-306. The OF-306, Declaration for Federal Employment is used to determine your acceptability for Federal and Federal contract employment and your enrollment status in the Government’s Life Insurance program. You may be asked to complete this form at any time during the hiring process.

What is an SF 15?

Frequently Asked Questions Veterans The SF-15 is used by Federal agencies to adjudicate an individual’s claims for veterans’ preference. Veterans and certain family members who claim 10-point preference must fill out and submit the SF-15, to include supporting documentation when applying for Federal positions.

What is SF 50 Notification of Personnel Action?

The SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action Form is a very important document. It is your written documentation of a personnel action that affects your position or pay. Keep it with your records because it could be used to make employment, pay, and qualifications decisions about you in the future.

Is the of 178 obsolete?

The current approval of the OF 178 Certificate of Medical Examination expired in April 2015.