What is FS Form 7600A?

Agreement Between Federal Program Agencies for Intragovernmental Reimbursable, Buy/Sell Activity. In Accordance with TFM Volume 1, Part 2, Chapter 4700, Appendix 6, Section 9.

What is a FS Form 7600B?

ORDER FORM. FS FORM 7600B. Agreement Between Federal Program Agencies for Intragovernmental Reimbursable, Buy/Sell Activity.

What is a 7600 A?

This is the unique identifier for a federal agency buying/selling goods and/or services. An ALC is an identifier for an accounting office within an agency that reports disbursements and collections to Treasury. Enter the 8 digit ALC. *Agency Name. Enter the Department and/or Agency name.

What is an interagency agreement?

Interagency Agreement means the legal instrument used for an interagency acquisition to exchange funds or property between two DOL organizations or between a DOL agency and another Federal agency.

What is an agency location code?

The agency location code is a numeric symbol used to identify accounting reports and documents prepared by or for agency accounting stations and the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) financial centers. It is used by Treasury to ensure correct financial reporting.

What is G-Invoicing?

G-Invoicing is the long-term solution for Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) to manage their intragovernmental (IGT) Buy/Sell transactions. G‑Invoicing helps (or will help) agencies and their trading partners: Negotiate and accept General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) agreements.

What is the difference between 7600A and 7600B?

Collectively, the standard Interagency Agreement (IAA) form is comprised of two sections: (1) the 7600A serves as the General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) form and (2) the 7600B serves as the Order Requirements and Funding Information (Order) form.

What is a BPN number?

The Business Partner Number (BPN) Number is the unique identifier for those engaged in buying and selling. The Business Partner Network (BPN) Number for each Federal civilian agency, or Non-government entity, must be the nine digit Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS).

What does interagency mean in government?

Interagency definition Involving or representing two or more agencies, especially government agencies. adjective. Of or having to do with two or more governmental agencies.

Is an interagency agreement a contract?

Interagency acquisitions will result in a FAR contract action, either as a direct or an assisted acquisition. FAR Subpart 17.5 – Interagency Acquisitions applies to all interagency acquisitions under any authority, except for orders of $500,000 or less issued against FSS.

How do I find my agency location code?

Agency Location Codes (ALC) are also FADS, and can be found in the Shared Accounting Module (SAM). A user ID is necessary to access ALC information. TAS components are eight meaningful pieces of business data, which combine to identify an account of the US Treasury.

What is an appropriation number?

Definition: Appropriation Accounts are the specific designation of Federal Government funds as contained in an Appropriations Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President with each account having a unique four-digit code. Appropriation Numerical Codes.