What is G32 in CNC?

G32 screw thread cutting on a CNC Lathe. The G32 thread cycle allows us to have full control over each point of the positioning, aloe we tend to call it a cycle, it is actually modal in that it locks the rotation of the spindle to the feed rate, much like a manual lathe does.

What is the function of G32 code?

List of G-codes commonly found on FANUC and similarly designed controls for milling and turning

Code Description
G31 Feed until skip function
G32 Single-point threading, longhand style (if not using a cycle, e.g., G76)
G33 Constant-pitch threading
G33 Single-point threading, longhand style (if not using a cycle, e.g., G76)

What is the G code for thread cutting cycle?

G-code G76 is a cnc cycle which is used for thread cutting on cnc machines.

Is G32 a modal?

G32 is Modal. Always cancel G32 with another Group 01 G-code at the end of a threading operation. (Group 01 G-codes: G00 , G01 , G02 , G03 , G32 , G90 , G92 , and G94 .

Which code is used for mirror offset?

Code Application
G49 tool length compensation cancel
G50 tool offset increase
G50.1 cancel mirror image (M,T)
G51.1 program mirror image (M,T)

Which code is used for threading operation?

List of G-Codes

Code Description Milling ( M )
G91 Incremental programming M
G92 Position register (programming of vector from part zero to tool tip) M
G92 Threading cycle, simple cycle
G94 Feedrate per minute M

Which letter used for subprogram?

Subroutines are identified in a program by a unique subroutine label. The subroutine label is the letter O followed by an integer (with no sign) between 0 and 99999 written with no more than five digits (000009 is not permitted, for example) or a string of characters surrounded by <> symbols.

What is K in G76?

The G76 canned cycle can be used for threading both straight or tapered (pipe) threads. The height of the thread is defined as the distance from the crest of the thread to the root of the thread. The calculated depth of thread (K) is the value of K less the finish allowance (Setting 86, Thread Finish Allowance).

How do I mirror a program in Fanuc?


  1. Call the proper work offset (G54 etc.).
  2. Position the X Y at the mirror center line, record this value (Point A).
  3. Go to MDI mode -> Offset Hard Key -> Offset Soft Key -> Page Down, change Mirror input.
  4. Proceed to run the program, it shall be mirrored.

What is G10 in CNC?

It’s simple: G10 g-codes eliminate data entry errors and save setup time. Suppose you have a fixture plate on the machine. It allows you to install fixtures at repeatable known locations. But, you need to set that up by making sure the work offsets are properly set for the particular fixtures you’re using.

What is U and W in CNC programming?

we can now discuss what is U and V and W. here the letter U, V, W can referred as X, Y, Z Accordingly. Normally, to define incremental or absolute programming the G90 or G91 code is being used. means G90 represents absolute programming, where G91 represents incremental programming.