What is Hauptschule Germany?

Hauptschule, (German: “head school”), in Germany, five-year upper elementary school preparing students for vocational school, apprenticeship in trade, or the lower levels of public service.

What is the difference between Hauptschule and Realschule?

In the German secondary school system, Realschule is ranked between Hauptschule (lowest) and Gymnasium (highest). After completing the Realschule, good students are allowed to attend a professional Gymnasium or a general-education Gymnasium. They can also attend a Berufsschule or do an apprenticeship.

Why are schools called gymnasiums in Germany?

In 1538, Johannes Sturm founded at Strasbourg the school which became the model of the modern German gymnasium. In 1812, a Prussian regulation ordered all schools with the right to send their students to the university to bear the name of gymnasium.

What is Hauptschule in English?

secondary school offering lower secondary education , basic secondary school. Hauptschulabschluss basic secondary school qualification. (Translation of Hauptschule from the GLOBAL German–English Dictionary © 2018 K Dictionaries Ltd)

What can you do after Hauptschule?

Hauptschule targets for students who show the least academic ability. They will study in Hauptschule for 5 years (class 5-9) and finish by a final exam called “Hauptschulabschluss”. Afterward, they can move to a higher level at Berufsschule or Berufsausbildung (vocational schools) for the next 2-3 years.

What is a berufsschule in Germany?

German educational system students are assigned to a Berufsschule (“vocational school”) that they attend part-time in conjunction with an apprenticeship or other on-the-job training.

Is Hauptschule high school?

Upon completion of the Grundschule, about one-fourth of pupils enter the Hauptschule (secondary general school), where they study German, mathematics, the natural and social sciences, and a foreign language.

What is taught in Hauptschule?

Subjects taught at a Hauptschule also include mathematics, physics/chemistry, biology, geography, history, religion (or another elective class), music, art, politics, sport and language. From the first year of Hauptschule, all children learn English.

What percentage of Germans go to Gymnasiums?

Type of school

Type of school Percentage of students earning at least 500 points Percentage of students earning at least 550 points
Comprehensive school 30.5% 11.3%
Aufbaugymnasium 18.9% 5.2%
Wirtschaftsgymnasium 19.7% 5.7%
Technical gymnasium 22.3% 12.6%

What are the three types of schools in Germany?

How is the school system structured in Germany?

  • Hauptschule – for less academic students;
  • Realschule – for intermediary students;
  • Gymnasium – for academic students;
  • Gesamtschule – a comprehensive school combining all education types.