What is iLearn UCR?

iLearn, or UCR’s Blackboard, is our official learning management system. Instructors can login at iLearn.ucr.edu and find their current and previous courses. Below we have provided a Quick Start Guide as well as links to more in-depth iLearn Instructor Guides.

What is Aspb UCR?

The Associated Students Program Board (ASPB) brings entertainment and special events to UC Riverside. Throughout the academic year, the student-run board hosts concerts, special events, films, and lectures for undergraduate students.

What is the UCR logo?

The UCR monogram is a shortened version of the primary logo and should be used on materials and merchandise primarily intended for audiences already familiar with UC Riverside. See additional specifications for the institutional logo and the monogram.

How do I access my online classes ucr?

Log in to eLearn (Canvas): Accessing your online course begins at eLearn. Use your UCR NetID to login and access your course through the CAS login link. If you have enrolled in previous online courses at UCR University Extension, your UCR NetID and password will be the same as for previous courses.

How do I check my grades ucr?

You can view and print your grades quarter by quarter via R’Web. See the Academic Calendar to find out when grades are posted.

Does UC Riverside use canvas?

UCR is switching to Canvas LMS. Courses offered through canvas make it possible to access assignments, discussions, quizzes, and grades from your laptop, desktop, phone, and/or tablet. Select the button below to learn more about Canvas.

How do I log into ucr secure?

When you arrive to campus on September 18, you will need to connect to the new “UCR-SECURE” wireless network on your devices. You will need to enter your UCR NetID and related password to authenticate. You may be prompted to accept the new UCR wireless certificate on some devices; this is a legitimate prompt.

How do you access classes at ucr?

Explore the Catalog. Browse courses in the General Catalog, download it to your mobile device or print it out by section. A catalog course search is also available at classes.ucr.edu or via the “Registration” icon in R’Web.

How do I access my ucr email?


  1. Go to the Play Store – download “Microsoft Outlook”
  2. Open Outlook, click Get Started,
  3. If prompted select Exchange account.
  4. Enter your ENGR email([email protected])
  5. Toggle Advanced Settings, then in Domain\Username: ENGRsername.
  6. Click check mark and Login.

What is Asucr?

The Associated Students of University of California, Riverside (ASUCR) is the official undergraduate student government of UCR. ASUCR acts as the liaison between students and administrators by providing an outlet for the student body to express concerns, questions, and suggestions about the university. See all.

Is UC Riverside diverse?

The enrolled student population at University of California-Riverside is 37.5% Hispanic or Latino, 31.1% Asian, 13.8% White, 3.93% Two or More Races, 3.51% Black or African American, 0.341% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders, and 0.196% American Indian or Alaska Native.