What is Intel Edison used for?

The Intel® Edison development platform is designed to lower the barriers to entry for a range of inventors, entrepreneurs, and consumer product designers to rapidly prototype and produce “Internet of Things” (IoT) and wearable computing products. Supports Arduino Sketch, Linux, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Is Intel Edison still available?

The Intel Edison is a computer-on-module that was offered by Intel as a development system for wearable devices and Internet of Things devices….Intel Edison.

Developer Intel Corporation
Release date Q3’14
Discontinued June 19, 2017
CPU Atom 2-Core (Silvermont) @ 500 MHz
Memory (LPDDR3 1 GB)

Why was Intel Edison discontinued?

Intel has decided to stop the production of its Atom-based Joule, Edison COM (computer-on-module) and Arduino-backed Galileo development board. The chip maker seems to have made the decision after failing to compete in the market.

What are key features of Intel Edison?

Intel® Edison

  • Intel Atom system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on leading-edge 22nm Silvermont microarchitecture, including a dual-core CPU and single-core microcontroller (MCU)
  • Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth LE, memory and storage.
  • Support for more than 30 industry-standard I/O interfaces via a 70-pin connector.

Why did Intel discontinue Edison?

What happened to Intel Galileo?

Intel is discontinuing its Galileo, Joule, and Edison lineups of development boards. The chip-maker quietly made the announcement last week. From company’s announcement: Intel Corporation will discontinue manufacturing and selling all skus of the Intel Galileo development board.

What is Intel Curie?

Intel’s Curie module is a tiny system-on a-chip (SoC) based on the Intel Quark SE. The SoC is the size of a shirt button but includes everything required to provide compute power for wearable devices. The Curie module is designed to enable even inexperienced makers of wearable tech to make smart products.

What is Edison board?

The Intel Edison board is a really cool single-board computer platform that helps you build amazing stuff just like the Arduino. You can use platforms like Arduino and Eclipse with Edison. This board uses an Intel Atom processor with a dual-core CPU at 500 Mhz and a microcontroller at 100 Mhz.

Why do we use Intel Galileo boards?

The Intel Galileo is the first Arduino Certified board that provides a mini PCI Express (mPCIe) slot. This allows you to connect standard mPCIe modules like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SIM card adapters for cell phones. Synchronize data between modules using the boards-integrated Real Time Clock.

What is the USB version of Galileo that supported?

14. What is the USB version that is supported? Clarification: In addition to android hardware and software compatibility, the Intel Galileo board includes the following industry standards I/O ports and features: USB 2.0 Host port and USB 2.0 Client port.

Why was the Arduino 101 discontinued?

We previously reported that Intel was discontinuing its Joule, Galileo, and Edison lines, leaving only the Arduino 101 with its Curie chip still standing. At the time, we speculated that the first wave of discontinuations were due to the chips being too fast, too power-hungry, and too expensive for hobbyists.