What is IUD insertion pain equivalent to?

While the Mayo Clinic compares the pain of insertion to “mild cramping” — so described because, as in menstruation, the cervix has been opened, thereby causing cramping — research has suggested that medical providers may underestimate the pain experienced by patients undergoing IUD insertion.

Does IUD insertion feel like contractions?

When you get an IUD, it’s normal to feel cramping. “Your uterus is a muscle, and when you place something inside of it, the muscle responds by tightening,” says Lisa Holloway, a nurse practitioner near Washington, DC, who specializes in women’s health. Your body also releases hormones that may lead to pain.

Is IUD insertion very painful?

Some discomfort is common and expected with an IUD insertion. Up to 70% of people who have not given birth report feeling mild to moderate discomfort during the insertion process. Most commonly, the discomfort is short-lived. Less than 20 percent of people will require pain management or additional treatment.

Is IUD insertion less painful after childbirth?

Is it painful to get an IUD after giving birth? In people who have given birth, IUD insertion tends to be easier than in those who have never given birth. A doctor or nurse will use a speculum to open your vagina, just like when you get a pap done. A special insertion tool is used to place the IUD in your uterus.

Is IUD more painful than Pap smear?

“Imagine a pap smear, but it [takes] maybe five to 10 minutes longer to place an IUD,” Brandi says. “If the pap smear experience is a really uncomfortable experience for people, and that happens for a lot of different reasons, then placing an IUD probably is not going to be a good experience.”

Does an IUD hurt to remove?

Does IUD removal hurt? IUD removal can briefly cause discomfort or cramping during the removal procedure. IUD removal is less painful than insertion. However, there can be complications during removal, such as your doctor being unable to locate the strings.

What is the best time for IUD insertion?

Abstract. PIP: Some clinicians feel that the best time for inserting an IUD is during a woman’s menstrual period. At that time the cervix is dilated, the chance of introducing an IUD into a pregnant uterus is slight, and the menstrual bleeding masks bleeding due to insertion.

What can I do to make IUD insertion less painful?

Tips On How To Make IUD Insertion Less Painful

  1. Timing Is Everything.
  2. Find An Experienced Doctor.
  3. Take An Over-The-Counter Painkiller Beforehand.
  4. Remember To Breathe.
  5. Use Distractions.
  6. Don’t Go Hungry.
  7. Consider A Smaller IUD.
  8. Have A Heating Pad Ready.

How many inches deep is an IUD?

Your IUD comes with strings. They’re thin and light, like fishing line or a lightweight plastic thread. They hang about 2 inches down from your uterus into your vagina.

Why does my IUD hurt my husband?

Your partner may feel your IUD’s strings, but they shouldn’t cause pain. They’re very thin and made of plastic. There’s some evidence that IUD strings can bother sexual partners. A 2017 study found that 3 to 9 percent of IUD users experienced partner dissatisfaction, causing them to stop using the IUD.