What is Lannate insecticide used for?

Lannate™ insecticide gives fast-acting control of adults, nymphs, larvae and eggs of many pest species – including aphids, cabbage looper, European corn borer and many others – in crops such as broccoli, cabbage, and sweet corn.

What is Lannate used for?

LANNATE® LV is a broad spectrum insecticide registered in a wide range of field, fruit and vegetable crops. LANNATE® LV is particularly active on many Lepidopterous pests as an ovicide, larvicide and adulticide. LANNATE® LV is primarily a contact insecticide giving rapid knockdown effects on insects.

How do you use Dupont Lannate insecticide?

Apply LANNATE® SP in 0.1 to 0.2 inches of water per acre. LANNATE® SP is most active as a contact insecticide, although it does also have activity via ingestion of treated plants.

How do you use Lannate?

Fill spray tank ¼ to ½ full of water. Add the appropriate number of Lannate Insecticide water-soluble bags directly to the spray tank, and mix thoroughly; once dissolved continued agitation is not required. Use mechanical or hydraulic means; do not use air agitation.

What happens if you inhale pesticides?

Many insecticides can cause poisoning after being swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. Symptoms may include eye tearing, coughing, heart problems, and breathing difficulties. The diagnosis is based on symptoms, blood tests, and a description of events surrounding the poisoning.

What is insecticide?

They include such chemicals as hydrogen cyanide, naphthalene, nicotine, and methyl bromide and are used mainly for killing insect pests of stored products or for fumigating nursery stock.

Is Lannate harmful to humans?

Common source of severe poisoning in developing countries. Toxicity is generally less severe than with organophosphates. 1) MILD TO MODERATE POISONING: MUSCARINIC EFFECTS: Can include bradycardia, salivation, lacrimation, diaphoresis, vomiting, diarrhea, urination, and miosis.

What is the best pesticide for scorpions?

Cy-Kick Scorpions
The Cy-Kick Scorpions Pest Control Insecticide is considered by many to be the best poison for scorpions in terms of sheer power and effectiveness. Its active ingredient is Cyfluthrin 6.0% which makes it highly toxic in its liquid form.

How long do pesticides stay in the air?

Pesticide half-lives can be lumped into three groups in order to estimate persistence. These are low (less than 16 day half-life), moderate (16 to 59 days), and high (over 60 days). Pesticides with shorter half-lives tend to build up less because they are much less likely to persist in the environment.

How do you get pesticides out of your body?

Most pesticides are broken down and removed from the body by the liver and kidneys. These organs also remove prescription drugs from the body. The liver and kidneys may become less able to remove pesticides from the body if someone is taking several types of prescription drugs.

What is the difference between insecticide and pesticide?

Answer: Pesticides are chemicals that may be used to kill fungus, bacteria, insects, plant disease, etc. These chemicals work by ingestion or touch and death may occur immediately or over a long period of time. An insecticide is used to specifically target and kill insects.