What is NetLogo used for?

Netlogo can be used to teach programming, computational thinking, simulation and model building, and understanding of complex phenomena through models in many different domains. “NetLogo is a cross-platform multi-agent programmable modeling environment.

What language does NetLogo use?

What programming language was NetLogo written in? NetLogo is written mostly in Scala, with some parts in Java. (Scala code compiles to Java byte code and is fully interoperable with Java and other JVM languages.)

How do I start NetLogo?

It is easy to run the library models in NetLogo. Almost all of them have a setup button and a go button. To run a model, first click the setup button and then click the go button. Each library model has extensive information in the Info tab that you can use to learn more about the model and how to use it.

Who developed NetLogo?

Uri Wilensky

Designed by Uri Wilensky
Developer Northwestern University Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling
First appeared 1999
Stable release 6.2.1 / October 19, 2021
Influenced by

Is NetLogo open source?

NetLogo is an open source, cross-platform tool that enables users to model a wide variety of natural and social phenomena (including biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, physics, psychology, art, and much more).

What is sprout in NetLogo?

sprout is a patch-only primitive that allows us to ask patches to create new turtles. It must be used within an ask patches […] context.

How long is a tick in NetLogo?

We can finally state that 3 ticks in the simulated environment correspond to 1 second of life of the agents. Changing the dimensions of patches or agents this proportions changes and so the meaning of the tick. A single tick is not meant to have a fixed corrispondence with seconds, but it just means “a unit of time”.

What two systems were the precursors of NetLogo?

NetLogo derives from our experience with our earlier environment, StarLogoT [Wilensky,1997]. Even though the original incarnation of StarLogo [Resnick & Wilensky, 1993, Resnick, 1994] was on a supercomputer, it had always been primarily in- tended for use in schools. very popular among researchers.

What is Nlogo?

What is an NLOGO file? Model created by NetLogo, a program used for modeling and simulating natural and social phenomena; saves the initial parameters of the simulation as well as source code and interactive buttons that drive the simulation.

How do you cite NetLogo?

If you use or refer to NetLogo in a publication, we ask that you cite it. The correct citation is: Wilensky, U. (1999). NetLogo.