What is Oishi desu?

Oishii desu. [It’s] delicious.

What is the meaning of Sou desu ne?

What does so desu ne mean? So desu ne (そうですね) means that’s right or I see. The first meaning is typically used to express agreement with what someone has said (at least at the surface level). The second usage is to simply let someone know that you are listening to them rather than necessarily agreeing.

What does Oishi means in English?

delicious or tasty
The Japanese word, oishii, meaning delicious or tasty is often used to talk about food.

How do you respond to Oishi?

If the answer is yes, you can say “Hai, oishii desu” which is just “Yes, it’s delicious”, but if the answer is no, you could said “Iie, chigai masu” which is “No, it’s not”.

Do men say Oishi?

The most important difference is “umai”/「うまい」 has a little casual impression and I think especially men often use it in some situations and “oishii”/「おいしい」is a more polite expression although they have different meanings depending on the situations.

Can girls say UMAI?

Umai (うまい) A very casual and common way to say delicious in Japanese is umai. You’ll hear it used by boys more than girls. Since this is a casual term, it’s not recommended for use in formal situations, like having lunch with your boss or any other authority.

How do you respond to Sou desu ne?

An appropriate response to this question would be はい、そうです。 (hai, sou desu). In casual Japanese, you can use そうか。 (sou ka)instead.

What is Sugoi desu ne?

= Good!, Nice! すごい! Sugoi! すごいですね! Sugoi desu ne!

Why did samurai say UMAI?

Conversation. //Sad Spoiler For Demon Slayer MUGEN Train Movie Rengoku saying, “UMAI” is more than a random joke In old Japan, warriors were taught to savor every bite of food, for it may be their last. He wasn’t just being energetic, he was savoring every bite of his final meal.