What is ossicular fixation?

Ossicular chain fixation refers to the presence of fibrous tissue (chronic adhesive otitis media) which usually appears as a non-calcified, soft tissue density encasing some or all of the ossicular chain.

What is Carhart effect?

The Carhart effect consists of a depression in bone conduction thresholds in the presence of a conductive hearing loss. However, the mathematical relationship between the degree of conductive hearing loss and the degree of depression of bone conduction has not before been described.

What is a Stapedectomy surgery?

In stapedectomy, the doctor uses a microscope to see the small bones of the inner ear. Entering through the natural opening in your ear, your doctor makes an incision, moves your eardrum out of the way, and separates the stapes from the incus bone before removing the stapes.

How is ossicular fixation diagnosed?

Discussion of your symptoms and hearing testing may lead to suspicion, but actual diagnosis is usually only possible during surgery. During a procedure called middle ear exploration, your doctor will elevate the eardrum and assess the mobility of the ossicles.

Why does Nihl have 4k notch?

NIHL is generally observed to decrease hearing sensitivity in the higher frequencies, also called an audiometric notch, especially at 4000 Hz, but sometimes at 3000 or 6000 Hz. The symptoms of NIHL are usually presented equally in both ears. This typical 4000 Hz notch is due to the transfer function of the ear.

Why is Carhart’s notch at 2000 Hz?

The reason that the Carhart notch is seen audiometrically at 2000 Hz is because 2000 Hz is the closest frequency tested in a typical hearing threshold measurement.

Can otosclerosis be fixed?

Mild otosclerosis can be treated with a hearing aid that amplifies sound, but surgery is often required. In a procedure known as a stapedectomy, a surgeon inserts a prosthetic device into the middle ear to bypass the abnormal bone and permit sound waves to travel to the inner ear and restore hearing.

What is otosclerosis surgery?

Otosclerosis surgery is called a stapedectomy (stay-puh-dek-tuh-mee). During this procedure, your surgeon places a prosthesis (replacement hearing bone) in your middle ear. This prosthesis bypasses the stapes bone, allowing sound waves to travel to the inner ear. As a result, hearing is improved.

How long does Ossiculoplasty surgery take?

The procedure for ossiculoplasty takes place under general anesthesia and takes approximately one to two hours. This is done either by itself or in conjunction with other procedures including mastoidectomy and ossicular chain reconstruction. An incision is made behind the ear to access the ear canal.