What is pastillage made of?

Unlike gum paste, pastillage dries much quicker and stronger. Made with gelatine, water and icing sugar, it hardens quickly and can only be shaped or molded for a short while by hand.

What is pastillage powder?

Pastillage is a hard-drying sugarpaste, specially designed for making strong edible structures for cakes. Whether it’s small cake toppers or large show-stopping centrepieces, Pastillage offers long-lasting and reliable strength.

What should you use to smooth dried pastillage?

Clean sandpaper can be used on completely dried pastillage to achieve bevelled edges and to remove unwanted imperfections.

How do you fix pastillage?

With pastillage, there is often no wastage. Place all the off cuts in to the bag before they develop a skin, and you can use it again by heating it up in the microwave and mixing it all together again.

Is pastillage the same as fondant?

Pastillage is sturdy enough to be gently “sanded.” You can buff surfaces smooth, which you can’t do with fondant or gum paste. Pastillage is probably not the best choice for an all-over coating for a cake ; it’s too firm and has a somewhat bland flavor.

How long can you keep pastillage?

Store your pastillage in a polythene bag placed in an airtight container in a refrigerator for up to one month. NOTE: The paste crusts over very quickly when you are using it and it is brittle once dry, so make plenty of spares.

Is pastillage a fondant?

How long is pastillage good for?

Is pastillage the same as gum paste?

Pastillage (“pah-stee-ahhj”) is a type of sugar-paste icing that dries firm. Like gum paste, it includes sugar, water and a hardening agent (often tylose) and can be molded, shaped by hand or imprinted.

What can pastillage decorations be used for?

Pastillage is a strengthened paste which is recommended for creating structures such as buildings, models, ornaments as it is very strong and hard when dry. It is available in a convenient powder mix to which you just add water. Mix the quantity you wish to use with required amount of water and knead well.

Can you paint pastillage?

Pastillage can be made different ways and dries hard and crisp. It is used to make bases, supports, stands and replicas. It can also be colored or painted. You have to work very quickly because pastillage dries quickly.