What is pebax material?

Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers consist of polyamide and polyether backbone blocks. These specialty elastomers offer very low material density, a wide range of shore hardness values, extremely efficient energy return (over a wide temperature range) and are optionally biobased.

What is pebax used for?

Typical medical applications for Pebax® tubing include catheter shafts and variable stiffness catheters, balloons, dilators, and catheter tips.

What is Pebax resin?

® Thermoplastic Elastomer Family – Energizing, Lightweight Resins. Share. Pebax® Elastomers – A family of lightweight polymers that offer unmatched energy return and cold temperature durability for dynamic applications.

Does pebax absorb water?

Polyether block amide or PEBA is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)….Physical properties.

Properties Unit Value
Water absorption at equilibrium (23 °C, 50% RH) % 0.4–0.7
Water absorption at saturation (23 °C, 24H in water) % 0.9–1.2
Shore Hardness Shore D 25–72
Flexural modulus MPa 12–513

Is pebax a TPU?

Pebax® 4533 SA 01 MED is a thermoplastic elastomer made of flexible polyether and rigid polyamide with a Shore D hardness of 46 and a flexural modulus of 12,475 psi (86 MPa).

Is pebax a nylon?

Polyether block amides (PEBA) are plasticizer-free TPEs. The soft segment is the polyether and the hard segment is the polyamide (nylon). For example, Arkema Pebax® 33 series products are based on Nylon 12 (see Section 8.3) and polytetramethylene glycol (PTMG) segments.

Is pebax a nylon 12?

Pebax is a copolymer of nylon 12 and a polyether. polyamide contributes to the thermoplastic behavior and forms the hard segments [7].

Is Pebax a TPU?

Is Pebax a nylon?

Is Pebax foam durable?

pebax foam is one of the least durable cushioning technologies at the cost of having the most energy return…” Says who?

Is pebax hydrophobic?

Pebax® 1657, a hydrophilic grade containing approximately 40 wt % Polyamide 6 (PA6) and 60 wt % PEO, can be used as a fouling-resistant coating material [5].

Is pebax hydrophilic?

Pebax® MV 1074 SA 01 MED is a thermoplastic elastomer made of hydrophilic flexible polyether and rigid polyamide. Pebax® MV 1074 SA 01 MED is an inherently dissipative polymer and can be dry blended or compounded with an isolative polymer to lower the surface resistivity.