What is pressure-assisted?

Pressure-assisted toilets rely on the same gravity but assist the force of gravity with additional pressure. A small tank within the main tank supplies added pressure. This is achieved as water displaces air within a sealed cylindrical tank inside the larger ceramic tank.

What is pressure-assisted flushing system?

This style of toilet has an airtight plastic tank inside the porcelain tank where the water is stored. The toilet uses both water and pressurized air to increase the velocity of the flushing water. It generates a powerful flush, while only using about 1.1 to 1.4 GPF.

Why would I need a pressure assist toilet?

A pressure assist toilet is better at flushing down solid waste because of the pressure. Using higher force than conventional toilets, it’s able to push the waste farther. This ensures it doesn’t come back again like with other models of gravity systems.

Are pressure-assisted toilets safe?

If too much pressure is stored in the bowl, the toilet’s tank or top may explode and this could not only be hazardous to your home, but it could also be very dangerous for people standing nearby or those who are flushing the toilet.

Can you put a Flushmate in any toilet?

Flushmate Pressure Assist This change-out kit works only on a specific selection of tanks from other pressure-assisted toilets. According to Flushmate, its pressure-assisted system cannot be retrofitted into a standard, gravity-fed toilet.

How much is a pressure-assisted toilet?

Usually, pressure-assisted toilets (including the tank and bowl) cost between $300 and $500. Models with a concealed tank may cost upwards of $1,000.

How does Sloan Flushmate work?

How it works. The Flushmate system traps air as it fills with water, uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air, forces water into the bowl, and effectively pushes waste out.

Do high tank toilets flush better?

They all flush the same way. In fact, some plumbers argue that the higher-tank two-piece toilets actually flush better than the more expensive one piece models because the water in the tank flows into the bowl from a greater height and therefore has greater head pressure to accomplish a thorough flush.

What is a gravity toilet?

As you might expect from the name, a gravity-fed (or gravity-flush) toilet uses the force of gravity to move water and waste out of the bowl. This type of toilet is essentially a bare-bones model compared to more intricate and pressure-assisted toilets.

What is a power flush toilet called?

You’ll most often see these toilets described as ‘pressure-assisted’ models, but they may also be referred to as power-assisted or power-flush toilets. How do pressure assisted toilets work? Pressure-assisted toilets use a sealed plastic tank within the toilet tank to store water under air pressure.

Are pressure-assist toilets better?

Pros of Pressure-Assisted Toilets Not only can you save a few dollars andsome hard work, but you’ll also reduce the amount of chemicals entering the environment. Since the two-tank system reduces condensation and sweat, it will not contribute to increased humidity in your bathroom.