What is railway station code of Kota?

Kota Junction railway station

Kota Junction
Status Functioning
Station code KOTA
Division(s) Kota
Fare zone West Central Railway zone

What is the station code of Bhagalpur?

Bhagalpur Junction railway station (station code: BGP), is a railway station serving the city of Bhagalpur in the Bhagalpur district in the Indian state of Bihar….

Bhagalpur Junction railway station
Station code BGP
Zone(s) Eastern Railway zone
Division(s) Malda
Electrified 2019

How many stations are there in Kota?

Kota railway division is one of the three railway divisions under West Central Railway zone of Indian Railways….List of railway stations and towns.

Category of station No. of stations Names of stations
A-1 1 Kota Junction
A 2 Bharatpur Junction, Sawai Madhopur

What is B category railway station?

Class B: Such a station is one where the Line Clear indication may be given before the section of the line within the station has been cleared for reception of a train. Branch lines and routes with lower running speeds fall into this category.

What is the code of Kota?

KOTA Pin Code is 324001. KOTA is located in KOTA, RAJASTHAN, India.

Which district in Kerala has more railway station?

Answer: Kollam has the highest number(23) of railway stations in Kaerala.

Where is Bhagalpur in which state?

BiharBhagalpur / State

Which is the first railway station in Bihar?

Patna Junction railway station was opened in 1862 as Bankipore Junction in Bankipore (Bankipur) town, headquarters of the division and Patna district in Bengal, British India. The construction of railway line through Patna was started in 1855 and was completed and opened in 1862.

Who is DRM of Kota?

Telephone Directory Kota Division

(1A) General & Administration
Sr. No. Name of user (Shri) Designation
1 N Madhusudan Rao DRM
2 R P Jingar ADRM
3 R D Meena Rajbhasha Adhikari

Does Kota have an airport?

Kota Airport, (IATA: KTU, ICAO: VIKO) is a civil airport serving Kota, Rajasthan, India. This airport is 8 kilometres away from the main Railway Station,Kota and nearby the Aerodrome Circle,Jhalawar road.

What is A1 category railway station?

A1 Category Stations Name of Station No. 1 CST Mumbai 2 Lokmanya Tilak (T) Pune Nagpur 5 Kalyan 6 Dadar 7 Thane . 8 Solapur 9 Visakhapatnam 10 Bhubaneswar 11 Puri 12 Darbhanga In. 13.

What is A and D in railway station?

Advance/Decline (A/D) Line.