What is SolarWinds NCM?

SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager (NCM) saves time and improves network reliability and security by managing configurations, changes, and compliance for routers, switches, and other network devices from Cisco®, Juniper®, HP®, Dell®, Brocade®, F5® Aruba®, Rukus®, and more.

Where does SolarWinds NCM store configs?

Network Configuration Manager stores downloaded configurations in the Orion Platform database. It can also store a copy of them in the configuration archive directory. By default, archiving is enabled and the directory for the config archive is %PROGRAMDATA%\SolarWinds\NCM\Config-Archive\ .

What devices does SolarWinds support?

Supported vendors and devices added in Orion Platform 2020.2

  • 7304.
  • 7308.
  • 7316.
  • 1941W-I-K9.
  • 1941W-T-K9.
  • 3Com AccessBuilder 6218-JX.
  • 3Com ATM Expansion Module.
  • 3Com CoreBuilder 5000.

What is NCM report?

NCM Polling Status. These reports provide information about polling and rediscovery cycles. Devices that do not respond to SNMP: Displays a list of devices that are not responding to SNMP. Use this report to validate the SNMP Community string on each device.

Where are NCM configs stored?

By default, the path to local Config Archive on the server is C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\NCM\Config-Archive.

How do I enable NCM in SolarWinds?

Join the brightest SolarWinds minds and IT industry influencers, as they cut through the jargon and give you the tools you need to grow and keep your tech knowledge razor-sharp….Add nodes to NCM

  1. Click Settings > Manage Nodes.
  2. Locate the nodes you want to add to NCM.
  3. Select the nodes you want to add to NCM.

How do I use NCM in SolarWinds?

Use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to prepare the environment and install NCM. Populate NCM with devices. For NCM to manage your device configs, you need to discover those network devices and add them to Orion for monitoring. Use a script to automatically back up configs, or manually back up a config.

What is Solarwind Orion?

The SolarWinds® Orion® Platform is a powerful, scalable infrastructure monitoring and management platform designed to simplify IT administration for on-premises, hybrid, and software as a service (SaaS) environments in a single pane of glass.

How do I remove a license from SolarWinds?

Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal, and go to the License Management page. Select your product instance, and click Deactivate License Manually.