What is SSL Duende?

SSL’s Duende FireWire DSP-powered Plug-ins The Duende (pronounced “do-en-day”) FireWire DSP Plug-ins are based on the algorithms of SSL’s famous digital consoles. This is not a cheap imitation – Duende provides genuine SSL sound in an efficient and affordable single-rackspace unit.

What are SSL plugins?

Modeled from the legendary SSL 4000 console and developed under license from Solid State Logic, the Waves SSL plugins allow you to mix and match the E and G Series modules, creating a customized setup with the sought-after SSL sound in your DAW. Choose from 120 free plugins here.

How do I install Solid State Logic plugins?

Install SSL Native software

  1. Go to the SSL Native download page, and select the installer for your OS.
  2. Open your Downloads folder and run the installer. PC: Double-click the installer .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Launch your DAW and add it as an effects plug-in to begin using it.

Are SSL plugins worth it?

The SSL essentials bundle is ideal for someone who wants to have plugins that recreate the SSL vibe, but with a cleaner user interface, and a real sense of depth. With its relatively CPU-friendly performance, it is great for creating that console feel that glues the mix together.

Which SSL plugin is the best?

We tested and shortlisted our favorite ones — here are our ten favorites, with our pick for the best option saved for the very last.

  1. UAD SSL 4000 E Channel.
  2. Waves SSL E Channel and G Channel.
  3. PSP Buspressor.
  4. Brainworx bx_console 4000 E and bx_console 4000 G.
  5. Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series.
  6. Cytomic The Glue.

How good are SSL plugins?

I have used almost all the SSL emulations from UAD, Waves, Plugin Alliance and I can safely say these just work and sound just as good or better than the others when you need clean sound. The Channel Strip – There is something about the plugin that makes EQ moves sound very smooth.

Are the SSL plugins good?

What is SSL native Logic Pro essentials?

SSL Native delivers the full SSL mix experience via a comprehensive suite of DAW plug-ins for your computer, including powerful channel and dynamics processing, the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor, plus a variety of contemporary audio tools developed to provide you with extensive processing versatility.