What is technical debt in SonarQube?

→ Technical debt : The estimated time required to fix all Maintainability Issues / code smells.

How does SonarQube define quality gate?

Login to sonar > got Quality Gates as shown in the screen below. Click on create > Add Condition > Choose metrics (In this example, we selected Code Coverage) > select operator along with warning and error threshold. Select the project to add Quality Gates.

What is code smells and bugs and vulnerabilities in SonarQube?

Code smells are usually not bugs—they are not technically incorrect and do not currently prevent the program from functioning. Instead, they indicate weaknesses in design that may be slowing down development or increasing the risk of bugs or failures in the future.

What are the metrics in SonarQube?

They include the number of classes, number of comment lines, i.e. lines containing either comments or commented-out code, the density of comment, number of files, number of lines, number of lines with code, number of methods and functions, or number of statements.

How can we reduce technical debt in SonarQube?

Step 1: Scan the project root folder using SonarQube. Step 2: View your analysis report on the Sonar Dashboard. Step 3: Enable the Technical Debt widget.

How do I pass Quality Gate in SonarQube?

Use the best Quality Gate configuration With each SonarQube release, we automatically adjust this default quality gate according to SonarQube’s capabilities. With the Quality Gate, you can enforce ratings (reliability, security, security review, and maintainability) based on metrics on overall code and new code.

How do I change SonarQube quality profile?

Changing the Quality Profile used for a Project

  1. Open your project in SonarQube.
  2. Go to the Administration > Quality Profile menu.
  3. Choose the quality profile you want to use for each language.

Which is not severities in SonarQube?

Security Hotspots are not assigned severities as it is unknown whether there is truly an issue until review by a Security Auditor. When an auditor converts a Security Hotspot into a Vulnerability, severity is assigned based on the identified Vulnerability (see above).

Which is an axis of code quality in SonarQube?

seven axes
SonarQube is an open source platform to manage the source code quality, this cover seven axes of code quality among which stand: architecture and design, duplications, unit test, complexity, potential bugs, codifications rules, comments, among others; this platform work with over 20 programming languages.

What is good quality code?

Code quality defines code that is good (high quality) — and code that is bad (low quality). This — quality, good, bad — is all subjective. Different teams may use different definitions, based on context.

What are the 3 most important qualities of written code?

Clarity of code. Clarity of design. Clarity of purpose. You must understand — really understand — what you’re doing at every level.